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  1. -1 reasons stated by multiple people above.
  2. Denied User no longer plays on the server
  3. Denied User no longer plays on the server
  4. Denied User no longer plays on the server
  5. Denied User no longer plays on the server
  6. Just to answer everyone's question - This will be decided if/when management decides to put it on the server (Once it's complete) I highly doubt anyone has even thought about how this map will fit into rotation yet.
  7. Denied Your PAC3 examples do not currently meet the standard required. Please continue working on your PAC skills and feel free to re-apply when you feel your skills have improved enough.
  8. Denied Applicant does not actively play on the server anymore.
  9. Closed at user's request.
  10. I love being on the moderatorion team Nah but it's good to see things changing and getting better. Also congrats auzii
  11. I would like to apologize in advance for the actions taken by @Kristofer and the rest of the bio weapons division of AWR May the odds be ever in your favour
  12. Denied You may re-apply in 2 weeks - Reasons stated by @Mongo
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