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  1. SiegeMonkey

    Superior Jacobs Developer Application

    -1 Although the scripts are decent, as others have said, you're a bit of a toxic and rude person.. Apart from that (And I know this sounds quite biased) 15 seems a bit young to be trusted which this much power on such a big server. If IG was a small server with say an average of 15-30 players then i'd say maybe but, I have seen too many young people on past servers given way too much power, ending in them either abusing or destroying features and/or the playerbase. (This isn't to say you would do anything to harm or effect the server in a negative way, i'm simply placing you in the age group) Apart from all that, assuming that the age was not an issue for IG management, I personally don't think you should be trusted due to these reasons: Your attitude on the server is not the best, I would really work to improve that. Your in-game time is very low for such a high rank. (I know you played over a year ago but that doesn't help the newer staff/players trust you.) Multiple staff members from the DarkRP seem to remember you as self-entitled and toxic towards members of the community (I assume this means users which is not a good thing for a staff member of such a high rank, or any rank) I understand that you may feel like your experience in developing servers makes up for your past behavior and/or actions in or around the community but as Pinejack said, it really doesn't. You need to work on improving your image around the server before you will be trusted enough by players and/or staff in my opinion. This is the best Star Wars RP server around at the moment so you have to know that the management team need to be very careful on who to choose as a developer as that could change very quickly. Again, i'm not saying you would do anything to harm or effect the server negatively but you do have to see it from the management team's point of view. Your reputation on the server at the moment is not the best so they may see you as someone who is not going to take the development of the server very seriously. However, you do have plenty of experience and staff seem to remember you from DarkRP (although not in the best way) but atleast they remember you in some way to recognize that you did atleast some work for the server. P.S - I like the look of some of the scripts you've provided, keep up the good work no matter the outcome of the application. Also, sorry for writing an essay here but I just want to make sure that the server thrives and I feel as though my opinion is needed here as I have personally seen your attitude in-game and it did kind of throw me off when I saw your application here.
  2. SiegeMonkey


    Thanks guys, it's working now. I didn't realise this post was still open. I basically just uninstalled a bunch of addons I don't need/use.
  3. SiegeMonkey


    Alright, I did that and now I can play for about 20 seconds before crashing. It comes up with an error saying "Not enough memory" now. I haven't had this issue on any other RP server before so I am really confused.. Any help would be great.
  4. SiegeMonkey


    I will try that now. About 5 minutes ago I managed to get onto the server and began being trained only for it to crash again.
  5. SiegeMonkey


    Hello, I've recently tried joining the server about 6 times all of which just cause me to crash to the desktop. Most of the time I crash before I am able to load in and sometimes I can get as far as the MOTD and then crash. Any help would be appreciated as I really would like to give the server a go. P.S I have set my Garry's Mod options to "Do not allow custom files" and I have all the workshop content installed.