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    I will be investigating this tonight with staff in question, a reply of findings will be posted tonight or tomorrow.
  3. @Bailey keep it out of here, no need for that comment. I will be investigating this tonight with staff in question, a reply of findings will be posted tonight or tomorrow.
  4. @Jye look at this dude Mate last night you bought tier 1 boots on udyr after 24 minutes, You play yuumi as a character that sits on 1 person the whole game, early game you buy boots to roam to mid and help jungle invade and get to them quickly for the heal, slow and stun. Boots are needed for every champion, the movement speed is important for everyone.
  5. Hello IG Community Its sad to say however due to a decision made by the Management Team and the Clone Wars Staff Team we have decided to turn off the Clone Wars server tonight. We will be saving all the databases, game files that are needed in case in future we believe we are ready to launch it again so it is still there but unfortunately at this time we believe that Clone Wars is not going the way we hoped for the long run due to reasons that have happened over the past 1-2 months. I would like to firstly apologise to all the Clone Wars players that have joined us over the past few Months, I am sorry that we did not achieve the goal we were aiming for and all the hard work that you put into the server was not achieved the way you wanted it. I would like to apologise to the staff that stuck through with it and tried their hardest to be an amazing team towards Clone Wars. Everyone's efforts did not go unnoticed and the Management Team wants to thank you for all your effort. The staff team has now all been transferred over to Imperial to positions that are fair on both the current Staff on Imperial and the Staff from Clone Wars. Pac users sadly will not be able to be transferred over to the Imperial Server due to limitations for users we can have in Pac as if we did not have these limitations the server would lag heavily and would be unplayable. To all players that have donated in the month of May will be available for a refund or a transfer of something equivalent on Imperial RP if you are still that role you donated for. For everyone who donated before the Month of May you are liable for a equivalent role on Imperial if its possible to give you something the same value or a tiny little bit more if we have a equivalent or close to payment role, if we can't find you a equivalent role on Imperial you are eligible for a refund only if you are still the same role you have donated for, this means if you donated for say Jedi and you are still Jedi you are able for a refund or equivalent role, if you donated for Jedi and have switched job then you are not up for a refund or equivalent role due to you have already left the role. For all refunds if you are able to from the above conditions, make a ticket in the donations store, for a equivalent transfer role to Imperial you are able to make a ticket in game by going @ Need admin or super to find an equivalent role (I am from CW). For users that have a RP rank, depending on the rank there might be a transfer, if you only play on Clone Wars and do not currently have a rank on Imperial then you are up for a transfer depending on rank to a rank in the Storm Trooper Regiment however you must message management through the @ function in game for you to be passed over as we must see your old rank and make a fair rank for you on Imperial. I would like to thank all Staff and users on Clone Wars for the past 3-4 months, you all did an amazing job. A Order 66 event will happen next weekend run by Welshy and that is when the server will be deleted from the dedi and saved to another database zipped. However after this post the server will be turned off until next weekend for the event. The crashes for Imperial and map change will be fixed by tomorrow once everything has been re-uploaded for the fixes, this means you will be able to change map on Imperial without crashes (may happen sometimes randomly but that is just gmod and should be just a 1 out of 8 map changes thing). Regards, Wolf
  6. @Welshy I would like your opinion on this matter as it was a personal attack on you and it is fair for you to have the majority of say for this before we make a decision.
  7. Wolf

    Dusty's Ban Appeal

    I normally remember all my bans and this one I did not do. The ban has bugged out therfor not much we can check however when I get home I will check through old logs.
  8. Ehhh not impossible however would require us redoing the chat box though to be custom and have a language setting
  9. Wolf

    My Ban Appeal

    From reading your replies I believe the best action from here is to leave you banned and let you think about your actions as you honestly don't believe what you did was wrong because it's a "gag/joke/laugh" otherwise you wpuldnt be saying what you are saying now. While you are banned just think about your actions and actually understand that this is not allowed, imagine if i did those things how would you feel if it was aimed at you. You cannot blame others for your actions of joining and then your actions of inviting. You say you are defending your side however you were in the wrong, your actions brought this onto you so there is no side to defend. Best case is to realise what you did was wrong, reflect on these actions and realise that everything is done by your own actions. DENIED Can re-apply in two weeks.
  10. Wolf


    Hopefully your schooling gets better mate, enjoy your freedom jks jks but hopefully you enjoy yourself mate.
  11. Wolf

    My Ban Appeal

    Gooood afternoon mate. Firstly before I get started I have been away for a few days on holiday so I saw everything tonight basically and it's not good. Allright firstly you went on about free speach, you are correct you can do free speech however there's limits you are able to go with free speech, for an example I do something unprofessional, free speech can be along the lines "Yeah that was unprofessional as hell", not like "f*** that was autistic what the f***". There is a difference between free speech and just running your mouth off until you have said every bad word in the book. It's called being respectfull and professional Secondly you stated you have every right to join any steam group you want, You are 100% correct you do have that right to join whatever steam group you desire however when you join a steam group that not only wrongly insult but also has things like "autistic" aimed at a staff member or even a player, we have every right to take action to remove you from the community as it is our right to do that, it also goes against our community rules as you are on purpose aiming this at a staff member or player which is just completely wrong, even if you don't think they won't see it. Your actions that you did yourself, your actions led you to post on there, on this ban appeal, no one threatened you or blackmailed you to do those things and you cannot blame peer pressure as at the end of the day, your actions and your own decision caused this so you cannot blame other people for your own actions and decisions. I believe you need to think hard about that. It's not Snoozys fault you joined it, you clicked the button, you wrote a comment and you joined in, your own actions and decisions did that, not snoozy, not your friends, it was you so do not blame snoozy or anyone else for your own actions you decided to take. Your acxount was never deleted, was just banned, if it was deleted there is no way of getting it back unless i upload my database of members i keep a downlaod of each week due to a past accident (our bad excalibur) however i am not home so no access to my desktop. Your account being banned was not done by who you think it was, unless you think it was Cody, Cody was told about a community ban and it is his job to look after forum profile Bans once he was told he banned your forum account however once he was told you had a unban appeal he realised his mistake and you were unbanned, it is a genuine mistake that shouldn't be taken personally and he does apologise. Therefore I do not believe a punishment is in order, I have already asked him to double check next time and I believe that is the best course of action for this incident. You can of course challenge that and have a talk to me when I get back from my holiday overseas and we can come to an professional and fair agreement. In my opinion I don't believe you realise what you did was bad from.your actions in this ban appeal and what you said in the actual ban appeal it seems you juat want to be unbanned and not taking any blame for your own actions, passing it on to somone else and not really carong as you just dont want to be banned. it does not matter if the person is a staff member or player, you should treat everyone with the same respect that you would like back, this way everyone can have a professional standpoint and be able to do free speech.
  12. Wolf

    ban appeal

    -UNBANNED- You will be monitored, you will be UNBANNED by 8am tomorrow.
  13. Wolf

    ban appeal

    Salardie why do you even want to play SWRP?
  14. Yes, because you already have the said tags the button does not show up for you as you are already a staff member This way it keeps the forums clean for you
  15. Negative, this is for future applications, all current and past applications are still valid in the old way.
  16. Denied Ban title says it all, I wouldn't ban for just that especially a perm ban so there is obviously allot of context missing in this ban appeal. So I would reccomend trying really hard to remember what got you banned and writing a new ban appeal in 2 weeks. Reason for Denial: Thread title | insufficient context\not telling the whole truth
  17. To kill players you must go rogue, that group went rogue which meant they are able to kill players, however non rogue cannot kill each other but they are able to kill rogue agents, so think of non rogue as normal agents and rogue agents are life free for all, they kill each other and normal agents, however they were a 4man group so they were working together and went rogue to kill Marlu.
  18. Hello, This is a changelog for the past few weeks for both Imperial and Clonewars servers, to make it easier I was originally going to make an Imperial RP and Clonewars RP separate changelog however I decided to combine both to make it easier for Players and Staff to see the changes for both servers in 1 post instead of 2. So the first half of the page will be imperial RP and the second half will be Clone Wars All changelogs I will attempt to do weekly on a Sunday before 6pm so players are able to see what is being added for the week. Remember to continue submitting suggestions as the Management team does go through them and looks into it. There was not much for ImperialRP this week besides maps however during the week some addons will be added depending on the efficiency of the addons to improve content and RP and when this is done I will add it in this post. The issue with vehicles and players being p[ushed out and seen visible outside the ships will also hopefully be fixed by this week however we are still looking into this matter and fixing some issues that may be causing this complication, so no set time will be set due to how weird the problem is. If you find any other bugs please submit ti in the suggestions area or submit it to one of the management team Staff. ALL CONTENT WILL BE AVAILABLE BY 01/04/2019 AT 5AM QLD AEST TIME DUE TO SERVER RESTART AT 4:30AM, ALL MAPS WILL BE AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD FROM FASTDL HOWEVER IF YOU FACE PROBLEMS MESSAGE A SENIOR EM FOR THE SPECIFIC MAP LINK TO WORKSHOP. JOB LUA WILL ALSO BE CHANGED BY THIS TIME UNLESS SPECIFIED A DIFFERENT TIME Imperial RP Added: (Maps) rp_umbara Ryloth gm_big_box Nova Prospekt Polis Massa Kashyyyk rp_whiteforest_v1 Kamino Standalone (Reupload) gm_boreas gm_wastes Geonosis & Venator (Reupload) GM Range E8 rp_city13 Removed: (Maps) geonosis gm_acsrg gm_arid_mesa gm_baik_tatooine gm_bigcity_night gm_buttes gm_baik_tatooine gm_emp_glycenplains gm_emp_snowstorm gm_fork_night gm_jakku_v5 gm_ninfield_v2exp gm_no_rebels_home gm_uldum2 mustafar naboo rp_mos_mesric_v2 rp_russia_mountains rp_noclyria_crimson rp_site12 rp_star_wars_ig rp_venator_v3 rp_warhammer40k swrp_hfg_starwarsuniverse_r2 gm_fork (To remove these maps from your gmod and you are not subscribed to the workshop simply go to "\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\download\maps" and delete the files as you have downlaoded them from our fastdl) _______________________________________________________________________ Clonewars RP Added: (Maps) rp_umbara Ryloth gm_big_box Nova Prospekt Polis Massa Kashyyyk rp_whiteforest_v1 Kamino Standalone (Reupload) gm_boreas gm_wastes Geonosis & Venator (Reupload) GM Range E8 (Addons) Hyena-Class Bomber - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=780240326 [LFS] V-19 Torrent Starfighter (V-19) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1696173191 501st Medic Models - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1414631719&searchtext=501st 501st Medic Models will be changed durin the week however this may change due to complications however the layout will be: Trooper models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_medic/501st_medic.mdl Trooper First Class models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_medic/501st_medic.mdl Lance Corporal models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_medic/501st_medic.mdl Corporal models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_medic/501st_medic.mdl Sergeant models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_corporal_medic/501st_corporal_medic.mdl Staff Sergeant models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_corporal_medic/501st_corporal_medic.mdl Master Sergeant models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_corporal_medic/501st_corporal_medic.mdl Officer Cadet models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_sergant_medic/501st_sergant_medic.mdl Warrant Officer II models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_sergant_medic/501st_sergant_medic.mdl Warrant Officer I models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_sergant_medic/501st_sergant_medic.mdl 2nd Lieutenant models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_smj_medic/501st_smj_medic.mdl Lieutenant models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_smj_medic/501st_smj_medic.mdl Captain models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_lieutenant_medic/501st_lieutenant_medic.mdl Major models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_lieutenant_medic/501st_lieutenant_medic.mdl Commander models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_specialist_medic/501st_specialist_medic.mdl Battalion Commander models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_specialist_medic/501st_specialist_medic.mdl Regimental Commander models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_specialist_medic/501st_specialist_medic.mdl Marshal Commander models/player/svenman/bf2_reg/501st_specialist_medic/501st_specialist_medic.mdl Military Police Models (More Varients) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1127357933&searchtext=Coruscant Military police models will replace the current ones, the new layout will be: Trooper models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_trooper/st_trooper.mdl Trooper First Class models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_trooper/st_trooper.mdl Lance Corporal models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_trooper/st_trooper.mdl Corporal models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_trooper/st_trooper.mdl Sergeant models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_sergeant/st_sergeant.mdl Staff Sergeant models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_sergeant/st_sergeant.mdl Master Sergeant models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_sergeant/st_sergeant.mdl Officer Cadet models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_lieutenant/st_lieutenant.mdl Warrant Officer II models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_lieutenant/st_lieutenant.mdl Warrant Officer I models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_lieutenant/st_lieutenant.mdl 2nd Lieutenant models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_captain/st_captain.mdl Lieutenant models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_captain/st_captain.mdl Captain models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_major/st_major.mdl Major models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_major/st_major.mdl Commander models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_commander/st_commander.mdl Battalion Commander models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_commander/st_commander.mdl Regimental Commander models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_commander/st_commander.mdl Marshal Commander models/player/smitty/bf2_reg/st_commander/st_commander.mdl 104th Trooper Models - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1653375877 104th is being added not this week in the job side however the models have been added for use of events until theya re added when the time is right, the layout when theya re added in the jobs will be: Trooper models/player/shader/starwars/1_104th_trooper.mdl Trooper First Class models/player/shader/starwars/1_104th_trooper.mdl Lance Corporal models/player/shader/starwars/2_104th_corporal.mdl Corporal models/player/shader/starwars/2_104th_corporal.mdl Sergeant models/player/shader/starwars/3_104th_seargent.mdl Staff Sergeant models/player/shader/starwars/3_104th_seargent.mdl Master Sergeant models/player/shader/starwars/4_104th_officer.mdl Officer Cadet models/player/shader/starwars/4_104th_officer.mdl Warrant Officer II models/player/shader/starwars/5_104th_lieutenant.mdl Warrant Officer I models/player/shader/starwars/5_104th_lieutenant.mdl 2nd Lieutenant models/player/shader/starwars/6_104th_captain.mdl Lieutenant models/player/shader/starwars/6_104th_captain.mdl Captain models/player/shader/starwars/7_104th_major.mdl Major models/player/shader/starwars/7_104th_major.mdl Commander models/player/shader/starwars/8_104th_commander_wolffe.mdl Battalion Commander models/player/shader/starwars/8_104th_commander_wolffe.mdl Regimental Commander models/player/shader/starwars/8_104th_commander_wolffe.mdl Marshal Commander models/player/shader/starwars/8_104th_commander_wolffe.mdl Removed: (Maps) geonosis gm_acsrg gm_arid_mesa gm_baik_tatooine gm_bigcity_night gm_buttes gm_baik_tatooine gm_emp_glycenplains gm_emp_snowstorm gm_fork_night gm_jakku_v5 gm_ninfield_v2exp gm_no_rebels_home gm_uldum2 mustafar naboo rp_mos_mesric_v2 rp_russia_mountains rp_noclyria_crimson rp_site12 rp_star_wars_ig rp_venator_v3 rp_warhammer40k swrp_hfg_starwarsuniverse_r2 gm_fork (To remove these maps from your gmod and you are not subscribed to the workshop simply go to "\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\download\maps" and delete the files as you have downloaded them from our fastdl) (Addons) V-19 Torrent Starfighter (Added LFS version) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=780240326 Military police Models (A newer better version ahs been added) - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1576198196
  19. -Unbanned- I banned you due to reports of names RDMING, if what you say is true you were not at 100% fault however you were also at fault for RDMING, but the people for 1 year were meant for the Mass RDMers not you so I will be accepting this however you will be under a good probation period like everyone else.
  20. Can I use that as the banner instead
  21. Hello, Recently Welshy, Kosmos, Siegemonkey, Veybur and myself have been playing Division 2 and have enjoyed it very much to the point where Welshy and I have completed every mission except the last one which is locked for Tier 5 world coming soon. So Welshy and I created a clan on Division 2 to connect all IG members and other players together to be able to form parties, help each other with gear, missions, Strongholds, Darkzone PvP and if you just want to talk to people and connect with them throughout the community. (IGA = Imperial Gaming Australia) as Division 2 makes you use 3 letters instead of 2 for the Tag Currently, our Clan is level 3 however we are aiming it to get it higher for the xp rewards, bounties, shared storage, Vendor and much more to try to get our Clan level to the highest it can be. The XP is gained by simply playing the game and completing your own quests, killing an enemy that come under the objectives for the week etc. If you wish to join the clan follow the picture above and send an invitation or you can add my profile from the name below Hope to see you there Also if you send an invitation please also send a message to us on Teamspeak so it can be accepted straight away as it doesn't notify for clan invites as you have to manually check and during Grinds, we don't normally check every 40 minutes,
  22. For normal users all you have to do is join a channel and that seems like it however teamspeak has so much better potentials, possibilities and we also have access to the backend, channels for text also don't have to look like "public-chat-room-1" instead a nice Public Chat Room 1 looks a lot better. Also, the backend of teamspeak is what makes teamspeak amazing, I have access to all files, all logs, all serverside files and discord simple does not allow that especially for if we want to mod teamspeak we can, however, discord you cannot., Discord is great for mates or a simple World of Warcraft guild that doesn't need what we have, that doesn't have over 40+ regiments, its like how Steam has its own program like Discord, why doesn't anyone use that? it's free, you already have it and it's physically in Steam so why not use that? the answer is simple, it's impractical for what we do. I use a discord server sometimes to catch up on very old mates I use to play with allot before being in IG, it is great for Streamers to connect to there viewers, same with youtubers however for a community for us that runs gamemodes on servers it is not practical where teamspeak is.
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