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  1. We are searching for your details about being banned
  2. Suggestion: Changing current third person to a new one currently out, when watching the video ignore the settings due to the fact most of them will be untouchable and preventing to see through walls is a silly setting to have, should always prevent it so therefore you cannot untick it or even see the setting to. Video for reference what it would be like:
  3. If Managment wanted to bury it, it would of been burried the day we put it back into development. Just like when we did the arma 3 starwars mod once the Zeus makers were not getting enough time due to irl commitments we pulled it Down. Ragetank and I went through some santos addons last night and removed a few we thought would be useless on santos. Development slowed down to the reasons we have always stated that the Devs were too busy with irl commitments to work on a very complicated gamemode, you can't stick things in like darkrp you have to mold it into the gamemode. There development will begin again once school holidays start which is what I have stated in the shoutbox numerous times. You are more than welcome to stick your hand up to help rage and the others. The reason Frank is asking as this was Frank's idea he wanted to pitch to see if that's what the Santos players want, essiantially it's just a different map with lore characters for cops, everything else is the same. He is asking the players hey if I went and did this would it be okay, thats where people will say yay or nay.
  4. Wolf


    Walking privlages are now gone.
  5. Hello Imperial Gaming With Chopz resigning and with the current management structure we are currently not ready to appoint a permanent Community Manager until the said person has been trained and is ready to go with all the information they need. With that being said I have decided to temporarily place @Jman1308 into the position of Community Manager so he is able to assist me until the new Community manager has been decided. The reasons behind choosing Jman to assist me is due to the fact his knowledge with how Management works, he use to be a massive assist to us in Imperial Gaming and still is to this day, he will be assisting myself and Imperial Gaming in teaching the knowledge to the next Community Manager and the fact he is ex-management and has still helped us to this day even after retiring. Remember this is Temporary position and once a new Community Manager has been assigned Jman will be stepping back down until he decides what type of position he would like to assist Imperial Gaming in the future. Regards, Wolf
  6. Unbanned You will be on probation after the ban is lifted.
  7. Wolf

    Osiris's Ban Appeal

    Accepted You will be under probation upon being unbanned
  8. Accepted You will be on probation from this point forward
  9. Wolf

    Rutilas Ban appeal

    Denied Please redo the application and put more effort into it, describe what the warns were for the staff members to make there judgement
  10. Wolf

    thesellphones ban appeal

    Due to lack of information from your part and no reply, this will be Denied Reapply in future
  11. Wolf

    Codwerths ban appeal

    We were not just banning randomly, I was spectating people with the tag in there name "EFG", due to the fact the number of reports of poachers, minges, sexism and most of all racist remarks those players were doing with either the tag of EFG or are connected to EFG, however at IG we do not simply ban just because you have a servers tag in your name. I remember this ban as you were doing things wrong, I don't remember the exact incident that made me teleport you to me but I was spectating you at the time as stated before that EFG had already started a one sided war with IG. There discord as well was also full of insults and slurs aimed at IG including "meme" pictures however none of us made a discord account and joined, a user whose name I will not disclose sent us pictures of the chat from his discord, so your comment regarding us creating discords is completely false and based on false information that you have created. From the incidents already occurring with the EFG community we decided to spectate players who are connected to EFG as a safety precaution to protect IG and its players, funny enough our safety precautions were not in vein and we caught a handful of minges, racism,s exist remarks and just flatout abusers on the server at the time. I believe if I am correct it was at the time of Naboo, I was spectating you and some others and when I saw you doing something wrong I tp you to me and thats where it kicked off. Later that day roughly 1 hour the quote on quote community manager accused me of many things by randomly banning players etc, however he quickly learned that everything he heard and learnt from the banned players was completely false as we submitted evidence for nearly every ban which made him then apologise elave the server as he realised he was wrong. You state that we are supposed to be a starwars rp community that focuses on giving people a great time, you have kind of gotten this wrong, it's not suppose to be, it is we are a star wars community giving people a great roleplay experience and an amazing time on the server. if this was not true they would not be playing on our server. and involving themselves more into the community, many friendships have been made due to Imperial gaming and is still made to this day. It is pretty ironic that you would be stating that as you got a ban for doing something wrong however you then cry wolf (If you don't get the reference then I cant help you). Also Bailey was in fact there at this time as we were at the front gate, Vader or Tarkin was next to me and we were standing on a sphere at the front gate wall (Next to the space port) and he was literally below us under the sphere and he could hear everything that was said.
  12. Wolf

    Graybones' Ban Appeal

    Unbanned You will be on a good behaviour, if you break 1 rule for the first 2 months, It will be another permanent ban.
  13. Wolf

    Frostys Ban Appeal

    Denied Reapply at the start of next year due to this being another ban to your record we believe you need some time to think about your actions.
  14. We have one , called the script we have that finds the lag in addons and our glorious dev team works on them
  15. Wolf

    The Isle

    Just dont walk past me waiting with my big ass Rex
  16. So those of you who were on to right to see one of the more horrible scenarios played out by unprofessional disagreements tonight will understand this topic being made. So tonight allot of things went wrong at once which caused a big confrontation between 2 factions. So first of all I personally want to apologise for my actions in a heated moment when I had to hop on and deal with it all. So the way I handled the situation is far by worse ways I could of handled it and I apologize to the people who were there. We at IG strive to bring a professional side when dealing with situations and the way I acted was purely out of line with the way we strive for at IG. So again I apologize for my actions and I have nothing to blame but myself being in that situation/scenario. Moving on to the next bit, tonight (being friday) IHC and ISB will be having a meeting with Cecil and myself. On top of this every staff member will be having a meeting in there staff groups, such as all moderators will be interviewed at once then to senior mods then to admin. Finally all the procedures will be updated to be the finialzed versions of every document we have to stop confusion in future date. During this time you may see some changes to benefit the playerbase more than a selected regiment/faction. These procedures will now clearly outline in the best possible and detailed way where regiments boundaries are and there actions they can take. We hope by doing this another instance of tonight does not happen. I hope everyone has a good night/day. Regards Wolf
  17. Wolf

    Rescue Trooper Revamp

    Im leading to a no for this only because we have medics and we have supports, you can say there this and that but at the end of the day they are core medics and nothing changes that plus we already have supports in regiments and an actual medical regiment, only thing I would say is make a rank in medics like support but have 1 or 2 rescue troopers in the medical regiment.
  18. Wolf

    Dexoys Ban Appeal

  19. Wolf

    Dexoys Ban Appeal

    Not once in there is there any diss towards your friends nor did he imply any diss towards your friends, you also This is what helsing stated and i believe what he writes is right on the point: "When the point of a ban appeal is to show the staff of the server that you understand what you did was wrong, why you wont do it again and prove to them that you deserve to be unbanned and allowed back on the server. If you don't even understand that what you did was something deserving of being apologetic you're throwing your ban appeal in the direction of being declined section pretty much off the bat." You only regret this because you got caught, not your actions themselves.
  20. Post below what you think would look good for this type of forums look.
  21. I will be doing some changes on tuesday morning (in 7 hours of this post) therefor the server will be locked and restarted to change certain things on the server. sorry for the inconvenience. During this time no one is able to join the server and this includes staff until I am finished which is max 1 hour from 3am aest. The forums look change may be coming out tonight for 1 hour to see if people like the look, it will be incomplete such as Logo (for the top for the top of the page does not fit with the template just yet) and banners and the colouring of the format as well. during this time a post will be made so you are able to suggest changes for the colours as default at the moment is black and red. The template will not be complete so do not worry about suggesting changes for the template itself just the colours at this time. To suggest a change just simply reply to the post, this includes staff as well, the reason for this is that with a reply it is there for me to constantly look at while editing so I do not forget. So any changes spoken to me directly regarding the colours may not be replied or remembered therefore only suggest it in the comment section so I am able to remember it 100% and action out that suggestion. Now this is not for this post, another post will be made just for suggestions when i turn on the template so please do not comment suggestions on this post as they will not be looked at. Regards, Wolf
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