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  1. No you stay down there, and workkkkkkkk
  2. Hello IG Community So after recent thoughts I have decided to basically step down from owner and move to the Advisor position to allow Cecil to take Ownership over IG and keep leading this community on the right path. This decision wasn't easy especially the history that IG has, the people I have met over the past 3 and a half years and on top of that all the friends I have made. When i first joined IG 3 years ago with a group of friends I would never of thought IG was going to go from a small 30-40 playerbase to the leading and biggest GMOD server/community for Oceania, this was a massive accomplishment that is all thanks down to the players, staff and some amazing people that have put in hundreds and I mean literals hundreds of their own time to improve IG over the past 3-4 years. IG has had its ups and down the past 3-4 years and it didn't look good for a set period of time where a incident occurred from people creating rumors and making up lies which took us down to 30-40 players however thankfully the truth came out and all was cleared of the rumours and lies regarding IG and IG became bigger than ever with people waiting to get in the server at 5pm on a weekday. This was a huge moment for everyone at IG as everyone in the staff team, management team and even players worked their asses off to prove that those lies and rumors were false and there hard work paid off. I have met some amazing people since joining IG and becoming its Owner, these people will know who they are as they are not just part of the Management team, they are Advisors, staff and even players that made me laugh and given me amazing memories i look back on when thinking about IG. Honestly though as much as everyone deserves allot of credit, there is a couple people that have amazed me over and over again and are one of the biggest reason (everyone pitched in but these people just took the stage by storm) and they are Whitey, Moose, RageTank and the devs. These people are the reason IG become optimized, always adding in new custom content with reforming everything and working hundreds of hours coding or creating spreadsheets and protocols and teaching people new ways to create and lead the rp on the server. Without them I think IG would of never become this big. Now I wouldn't say that I am not sad stepping down as Owner, It actually sucks as its like reaching a final destination on a amazing trip, I helped create a home for gamers, I helped create a place where people felt welcomed no matter what they believed in, there skin colour or anything, I helped make a place where everyone respected each other and created friendship groups that will last a very long time. The fact I help create this and helped lead this makes me very proud of everyone in IG and why it does truly suck that my time has come as Owner. However like all things, a community needs a vision and because I reached my vision I believe it's time for a new one with a fresh head of the community which is why I have handed it down to Cecil as he will lead this community into a fresh vision that will benefit IG. Honestly even though I know there are people out there that hate IG for their own reasons but they cannot deny the memories they made on IG, the laughter and friends they made will be with them for a very long time. Now I am not leaving IG as it is a home that I help create for Gamers, and I wouldn't want to leave that as I still have a lot of friends here that I will still talk to and play games with especially in the Teamspeak, I am simply stepping aside to Join Whitey and the others on the Advisors group to assist IG and its new Head/Owner push forward. Again I would like to thank all old players, new players, Staff, Developers, management and anyone that helped grow IG, you have honestly made me very proud to of been a Owner for such an amazing community and I will never regret the memories I have Made. Thank you all very much and I hope you help Cecil also lead this community. Regards, Ex Grand General Wolfy My final salute as Owner. O7
  3. Hello IG Community We have decided to make some updates to the donation store! Returning content: Inquisitor donator slots have returned! Inquisitors do not lose any normal spots however gain an additional 2 Donator slots. New: Credits! I have finally added the use of credits now. This will mean if you wish to contribute to the server, you are still able to use this contribution later down the track instead of making a somewhat useless, one-off payment. We believe this is a good idea to set in due to the amount we have received from the "Contribute to server" package, and we believe its only fair to allow people to buy/redeem a package later down the track. There will also be discounts for bulk-buying which I will adjust later. Shock Masiffs! Masiffs will be a new addition to shock, it is an idea we have copied from the Clone Wars server and decided to bring it over to Imperial RP! It's quite simple - you get to play as a dog, and there can be up to 4 dogs. They will come equipped with a bite SWEP that stuns for a small amount of time, with a cooldown on each bite so it cannot be spammed.The stun is just long enough for a shock to aim and possibly make the stun shot, acting as a prime support utility. TeamSpeak: Custom TeamSpeak icon for your name, similar to what you see with Wolfs name and the little Yoda next to it. (You can only have 1 icon according to teamspeaks limit and must be appropriate for our community). More to come! Regards, Wolf
  4. Hello IG Community We are proud to present our next expansion: Watch the video before revealing the surprise
  5. O7 Always welcomed back when you are ready.
  6. Wolf


    For content to be developed to do what we are doing now easily 1 year +, so wont be for a bit
  7. Rickle said "I don't see how Wingza accepting a Bribe in character via /me is abuse of Staff Power." he is correct, it is not Staff Abuse he never dismissed that it is not failed roleplay however, He also did not say that the "entry" was not staff abuse all he commented on was the Bribe, you have taken what he said and interpreted in your own way, please dont go having a go at someone if you dont understand what they are saying, not nice.
  8. The system is so crappy its actually annoyed me all night.
  9. Hello IG Community I am happy to announce that the donation to the NSW fire services is half complete, we donated 700 dollars today with the rest of 468 dollars to be donated tomorrow the reason for it being split in half is simply because the fire services do not accept paypal donations through the website we used here And with that it only allows you to donate using credit/VISA so with that there is a default spending limit per day on my card that I did not know about which I need to go get rid of (whoops) however saying that I donated 700 dollars today from our fundraising and will donate the rest of 468 dollars tomorrow which brings us to a total of 1168 dollars raised to the fire services (remember that we already had x amount already donated this month before we decided to do the fundraising for the NSW so from the date it started to the end of the month we raised a total of 1168 dollars which is allot of money to be able to donate to the NSW firefighters especially now hearing that in the past couple of days they made an announcement that all NSW fires have been detained (not out but more under control) which is a massive effort by them. With that when I do the rest of the donation tomorrow I will edit this post to have another screenshot of the payment which should be in the afternoon so you will see receipts up there and not just 1. I would like to thank the whole IG community who donated to help support the NSW fire services, it was a massive effort especially from a Garry's Mod community and most of our donations are quite limited ingame so it was a massive effort to see that. In total since IG started we have raised over 3225.15 dollars from this community alone for the charities we do at Christmas. We are probably part of the only few across Garrysmod that do these type of fundraisers for Australia and I would like to thank everyone that has stuck with us to be able to do these types of things. Again thank you for sticking with IG to be able to do these types of things, We as a management thank you very much and we hope you have a good rest of the year. Regards IG Management Wolf
  10. >"Threatening to dox another member is a serious offense with a serious punishment, in my case I do not believe the punishment is justified." >I told the staff member that I work in cyber security, and that it was a joke, and that I do apologize. >If you work in cyber security then you should know better to joke about it. Privacy is your main policy. This sums it up pretty nicely, you say you work in cyber security however decide to make a joke like this full knowing that if you made a "Joke" like this while on your worksite in public you would probably let go faster than Rose let go of Jack (Titanic reference). You say your punishment is not justified however at the same time you should know full well that even if its a joke there are things you say in public (ooc) and things you say in private when joking around especially if there's no context whatsoever. And finally >Taking the position of "[I am] neutral" is a cop out. You are the gatekeeper, you hold all the keys, you have to make a decision. I dont think you are in any place to be able to make that sort of comment, if a staff wishes to be neutral then they can be neutral about it, it shows when the person counts the ratio they can see what the staff think about you. At the moment I honestly would reject you just by what you are saying however I allow the staff to make their own thoughts about it and post. I suggest rethinking how you talk to people here if you wish to continue to be part of this community as it seems you dont understand how it works here.
  11. I think that voice for a advertisement of IG video is in order.
  12. Good Afternoon everyone, So everyone is aware what's happening with Australia at the current moment, as of 24 DEC over 5 million hectares of Australia has burned and 9 people minimum gace died since September at the start of the summer fire. In New South Wales they have had 3.41m hectares , in the past few years we have had a total burned for the whole season of around 280, 000ha, this year alone it is around 3.41m in just NSW and we are only roughly halfway through the season so worse is to come. South Australia at 24 DEC it burned minimum 86 homes, over 500 outbuildings and burned through important crops and vineyards. With this the most important part of it all is the loss of lives from people not escaping intime, defending there homes and sadly one man lost his life in a vehicle crash in the fire zone. with this as a community we have decided that for the rest of January's donations all the money raised after 9pm AEST (So I can set all the paypal up) will be donated to the NSW rural Fire Service as they are one of the most on the frontline that need more equipment and every help they can get. I hope as a community we can branch together to help our fellow Australians out. I hope everyone stays safe during these times and hopefully this disaster ends soon, also as a show of respect please do not comment regarding political issues on this post/ingame due to there's a time and place for that and its not here at this moment, right now should be time to help each other out then in future there can be a time and place for political agendas. (By this I mean the whole Scott Morrison, parties etc) For those wondering I will be making the donation officially on the end of January/start of Feb here https://www.rfs.nsw.gov.au/about-us/fundraising and for people to keep count, it is all money raised now after the 470 we have already raised this month for bills of servers and services (as I transfered that already into streamline this morning sorry) Thank you those that contribute and even those that think about or try to contribute towards this goal. Again I hope everyone stays safe and thank you for taking the time to read this post. Regards, Wolf Management Team Staff team IG Community
  13. Sith should not be randomly killing, this was agreed upon when we brought back the killing, if you have like you stated been killed please tell me when so I can start to investigate and start to take the appropriate actions.
  14. seeing its a small handfull of players from what i can tell from complaints it is not the majority.
  15. The hud is on the fast dl as it was custom made by Vanilla, sometimes it doesnt download for some people.
  16. People made a new plan for sith that involves further rp experiences and greater enjoyment for them, marauders was voted off by sith themself, they had the last say if they wish to use the enw format and it was agreed, with the new system comes benefits for them, marauders would still be alive and doing well if we couldnt find a better way to increase sith experience and we have
  17. It's the only game he can flex his K/D.
  18. Wolf

    Ban Appeal

    Am I able to be there for this convo as well?
  19. It was not a single crash, our server was lucky to not have a crash a night and most times would be 2 crashes and now that since all changes it has been reversed, were at a standard server won't crash now even on map changes unless garrisons does garrysmod thing so whoever told you it was because of 1 crash you have been misinformed.
  20. Wolf

    Codwerths Ban Appeal

    Oh I remember this, you did allot more than what you are stating, I would need to remember if it was Bailey, Welsh or Vader that was standing there to be able to tell the full story.
  21. I HAVE NEVER EVEN SEEN YOU PLAY Also this is kinda eh, they are not fixing the current "problems" people are having that affect the retail game.
  22. whoever says snitching/reporting is a dickmove over a garrysmod server needs to grow up, we try to make a friendly community with a server that tries to enforce roleplay and a non bullying standard and if people don't report we cannot action on it as we simply don't know, at the end of the day if you don't report it we cant action it, if you report it we can action it and continue to row as a community.
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