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  1. New donation look: Special thanks to kurt for this
  2. Imperial Gaming | Clone Wars RP Server Release Details & Timings: Hi All, With the release of our Imperial Gaming | Clone Wars RP Server coming closer and closer we would like to announce that the server will be released to the public on Saturday 19/01/2019 pending no issues that arise beforehand or on the day. We have got the server to its final stage that its ready for public use, obviously with anything new problems could occur on the day but we are confident we have covered the necessary steps to prevent it. We ask during the initial launch week that you are patient and understand with anything that arises and provide feedback or bugs that you experience through the necessary forum channels. All of the Management Team besides Jman1308 have fulltime careers and will work to the best of our ability to rectify things in a timely manner. Before I progress I would like to thank the following people outside the management team for helping with items required to run the server: 1. Kosmos – for coming back on a more permanent basis providing feedback and support. 2. Kumo – For altering add-ons for the server to make it republic themed and providing support to Whitey with game mode changes. 2. Cody – for writing manuals, and loadout requirements. 3. Carnifex – for helping with some manuals. 4. Bailey – Helping with regiment configurations, Loadouts, and items for Events. 5. @Kurt - For Providing graphics on demand. Plus many others! So what comes next? 1. You can find all the information in regards to Manuals in the Republic Library: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1L1FjZmiDHf5R32iC0T399Er19UxuiUK1m9OhiX_G8FY/edit?usp=sharing Remember these belong to IG and cannot be copied without our expressed permission. Members of the community have spent the time and effort creating these documents to shape the RP. 2. IG | Imperial Gaming Clone Wars RP Content Pack: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1607697405 3. Timings – Saturday 19/01/2019 (All Timings are in AEST) - https://24timezones.com/time-zone/aest 07:00 – 11:00: Server is restricted to Management Team & Development Team only. 11:00 – 13:00: Server open for all Clone Wars RP Staff, Regiment CO’s & 2IC’s and anyone else deemed necessary by Management. 13:00: Server open for public consumption. If you have any issues or questions regarding the launch then please post them in the forum conversation below and they will be addressed as soon as possible, otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Kind Regards, Wolf
  3. Wolf


    Sorry Kix but because the servers are linked by databases and gbans i will say no as you are using an alt account. And again you are neglecting one role while playing on the other if it takes up too mich time. Unless you are Zero from No Game No Life you cant play two servers at the same time as its impossible as running one regiment requires allot of dedication for thet one regiment.
  4. Wolf


    However we will not stop you for going for a high role, you can be officers on both servers however its more for commanders role we obviously think people wont be able to handle two commanders role however we are not going to stop them at all going for a high role however you have to think logically in all of this, if you are a commander yes you can handle being a officer rank on the other server but can you handle being a commander on there to and simply the answer is no as to run a regiment as the commander you should be on as much as possible and splitting it 59/50 you physically can not handle that time to spend on the regiments as they need the commander on nearly all the time however if you just go as a high ranking but not commander you dont really have the repsonsability to be on all the time so you are able to do 50/50.
  5. Wolf


    Depends on the role, if your a Commander on Imperial and want to be a Commander on CWRP we feel as if its impossible to handle as running the regiments are a very hard and draining task and doing two will burn you out and you wont be able to keep up however we will state it as simple as this. If you are able to keep your responsabilities in check and do not fall behind on either then you are able to but as soon as you fall behind it shows us that your trying but you cant handle it and thats normal you physically cannot handle running two regiments. Whitey can explain more on this matter as i believe hes got some rules for all of this.
  6. Wolf


    not a reset, it's a whole other server
  7. Wolf


    Yes as we are still in the process of porting over models. When obiwan gets released this year on Battlefront he will be ported over especially with his skins
  8. Wolf


    People will not be able to transfer ranks over as clone wars are structured differently on the server we have created, these questions will all be answered by either a bigger post or a video showing the server and brigades. We also want to make it fair on new players that come for the clone wars, as the RP is different for Imperial and clone wars. Basically, any questions can be asked to whitey over TeamSpeak so you can get a full explanation.
  9. Wolf


    Dear Members of the Community, Who or what is Project R? The title says it all doesn’t it? And instead of going on and on for paragraphs I will make it easier on you and get down to business. But first please watch the following video we have prepared for you so you can see exactly what the management team has been up to for the past month late into the night after hours. For all the brainstorms you have all had trying to figure out the answer… The answer is Project Republic. What does this mean? No we aren’t switching the server to the Clone Wars Era, but instead expanding to a second server to allow the IG community to grow along with the roleplay experiences and opportunities we offer to all of you. The reason we have decided to go this way is simply the past two years has been great for IG, even with the ups and downs we have all been through together, but our server has reached limits with content and value. We have also seen dedicated members become worn out and tired of the Imperial Era after 2 Years but stay because of the community we have all created together. So after much discussion and labour we have decided to expand to give something new to our old members who love what Imperial gaming has to offer and to welcome new players that prefer Clone Wars over the Imperial Era. We also hope that having two servers as part of this community will allow our members different opportunities playing different characters on a community you love and enjoy. Now as I have stated Imperial RP will still be here, we are just expanding Imperial Gaming into other Eras to try create a bigger community for more players to enjoy. We have worked on this gamemode for the past month and I hope that it is something that everyone's gets to enjoy and like. As you know IG has a solid foundation that we have continued to develop on that has always given it a unique feel and handles well for all users. And we hope what we deliver here is exactly the same. Now we would like this to be made clear that Imperial RP is still our main priority with such things as content, updates and playerbase, however, as it stands we currently have teams working on each server to make sure they both have the love and support they to create and deliver a great RP experience for all. We also would like to make sure that ImperialRP stays healthy and secure with a player base, so if Imperial RP starts to struggle then Clone Wars RP will be shut down as Imperial has got us where we are today. Ladies and Gentlemen, It’s time to expand… And I hope you can all join us on the journey that waits before us. Signed, Wolf
  10. Wolf

    Excalibur's Trial Moderator Application

    Well tonight Whitey messaged you and you explained things to him and replied on every comment you made going into detail to each one explaining different things with what happened and consequences for the actions and he asked a question as well to continue the conversation and help you and you just left the conversation once you saw the truth and he added you back so he could keep talking to you. Whitey is still trying to get in touch with you as he likes to assess the situations and work with you to fix the problems but he can only do so much if you don't want to talk or simply remove yourself from the conversation. And I am well aware you were staff, however you stated management get to decide which is why I stated how it is done in every staff meeting, it is not my fault that you worded it incorrectly with a different meaning so I replied with what you had written which is why I said if you simply ask you would know as it seemed you only thought that management decided as that is what you wrote. I never stated you went off nothing, I simply stated that without evidence to back up your claims I will believe the active ones then the ones that don't really play anymore, if you have the evidence then please show it and I will say okay my bad you were right and I was wrong lets correct this but until that is shown again I won't be going off no evidence as you say its happening right now as we speak but I have had no complaints about this person brought up and we have had no problems with them since they returned except for the death star incident which they even put in the application. Again if you have evidence that proves otherwise please show it and I will admit that I am in the wrong and I will apologize for it and correct myself. I won't be continuing this as I believe doing this on the application will harm it further however if you can provide the evidence like I said I will then post and apologize, correct myself and admit I was in the wrong here. I also want you to know that I have nothing against you, this is not personal at all and that I'm simply posting what happened and with what we have right in our faces at the moment and if you have evidence to prove otherwise then I will go off what is right in front of us. I hope that you do not feel like you have been targetted in any way as that is not my intention and has not been the case either. Whitey and I both hope you continue to talk to him and try to resolve the situations you have faced.
  11. Wolf

    Excalibur's Trial Moderator Application

    If you have seen bias why have you not reported it to either Jman, Chopz and whitey? If you think something is wrong and you would like to inquire and report and give feedback and have a conversation and discussion about the problems you see and have faced then our door is always open and nothing is stopping you from coming onto the TeamSpeak and saying hey Wolf is there a way I can have quick chat to you as that's what a lot of other people do and I try my best to resolve each situation. And when you say she will be accepted by management I'm sorry to say that is not how staff are chosen in this community, during a staff meeting whitey will put the applicants into a vote sheet, the staff are able to vote on these potential staff which of course, Whitey, Chopz and Myself do not vote on, even the Senior Admins sometimes do not vote as we like to see what the staff team would like in the team and the votes are tallied and then the people who get the votes are then recruited into the team. You would know this if you simply ask how the process works but like many people you just assume things. Also as Excalibur mentioned previously that while in eg staff she never did that and only did that after retiring from staff, so unless you have proof otherwise I will believe the active members over non-active members. And finally to your comment backstabbed and slandering etc, yes they did do that, but you know the funny thing, I accepted their apology and like many others I have accepted and welcomed back into IG, I accepted them back with open arms due to people make mistakes and if they aim to fix that mistake and I can see that and not putting on a show then I forgive them. The rumours, slandering were against IG and myself and its funny to see that I was the main target of it all that I am forgiving them while some people who were not ever mentioned in rumours or slanders still sit there and say all that stuff.
  12. Wolf

    Excalibur's Trial Moderator Application

    I was not going to comment however seems people are going to bring EG stuff up so lets bring Eg stuff up shall we, basically EG was created by a lying and manipulative person named caboose, he lied to staff and players regarding his progress in IG and created rumours about myself in order to create a bigger following to create a server of his own. He even lied to myself when I asked him what he has been doing when he was creating that community and basically lied straight to myself he said he was walking around a dock near where I live however he forgot I can clearly type up there TeamSpeak address on gametracker and see his name on it and where he is. He used his depression as an excuse why he has not been on and basically the leis caught up to him and when confronted his only choice of words were "You would have done the same thing if you were me" which is a load of crackers, an excuse by a lieing individual because he got caught out. basically more stuff happened however if I was to write everything I would probably going to be writing 10-15 paragraphs of lies and rumours he made. Old staff and players left with caboose and joined the bandwagon of slandering IG's name and my name based on silly rumours that they were hand feed by caboose. Sadly people believed these rumours and decided to join in and well everyone knows the rest of the story that those rumours and lies caught up with Caboose and EG in a whole and people started leaving due to power player, lies and deceits. it was made clear that EG was set up as it then comes out the owners caboose were using donation money for personal gain and in a live stream he also stated he would like to see Ana our old friend and his old assistant be king hit in real life (Real mature) as we all saw in JD's stream when caboose met him IRL. The reason I have stated this is because what happened on EG stays on EG, EG was built on lies and rumors community that failed in the end. If you have seen Excalibur recently or previously on IG before the split then you may comment on this application, however, bringing stuff that happened on EG is not necessary. Also if you are not active in this community then you are not in the best place to currently judge a members application. That is all I am going to say.
  13. Hello, due to some people coming up to me regarding ideas/problems for the community/server and they say they are a bit afraid to post on forums as they don't want to be laughed at and they would rather do it in secret so no feelings can be hurt I have decided to make a google sheet that lets you post an idea, put a formal complaint regarding any of the staff members including management or just would like to pitch an idea you are able to do it without worrying about who sees it. SO the way it will work is that when one is submitted you will have to put your name down so we know it is not just trolls however the only person who will be reading the full form will be myself. If it is a complaint against management I will deal with it personally and you will remain anonymous however I will talk to you in secret in case I require evidence to support your claim if I find none on the server, if its an idea to the server I will snip the idea part without your name and send it to Chopz or Whitey and talk about it with them, if it is a complaint against a staff member I will send it to Chopz again without your name so you stay anonymous and if evidence is required I will talk to you in secret as well so no one knows. If you would like to complain about myself then please do, If I have done something to offend you, you do not like the way I do things or simply have a suggestion to improve myself then please submit it as I want to put the community first, you can also write in there if you would like to talk to me about this in voice and I will simply allocate a time for you and we can talk in a private Teamspeak channel and talk about the issues or suggestions you have with myself. Link for suggestions/ideas: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iTMbO8ASx0yIoKgG5xJ9m-Lihnamf-OdJRsFpDJnVtY/edit Link for complaints about Staff/Management/Wolf: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1kSOIxzzE-hF6NUrY5eWLbDTRzt_2tmzxBuk3tzuvcsY/edit Thank you for reading through this and if you do submit something again thank you very much, I hope that you enjoy the rest of the year and we hope that you have a good start to the New Year, Regards, Wolf Management Staff Team
  14. Wolf

    Hypo's Unban Appeal

    I will investigate tonight to see if you told the truth and if so i will approve this ban appeal due to staff feedback
  15. Wolf

    Kenny's Trial Moderator Application

    He was not recently banned?