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  1. -1 Reasons: -Not enough playtime. -Not detailed answers could use more sentences. -Could include examples. O7
  2. @Bailey We love you dude you don't need to do this. Comeback there is still a chance for you to get help. #savebailey THE PLOT THICKENS
  3. I predict we will have 2020 Vision and finally stop hitting friendlies and hit the enemy
  4. +1 this application was well written and well detailed. I can't wait for you to start working as a official. You have been on this server for a long time so you know your way around things. Good luck in this future endeavors.
  5. HAPPY ONE YEAR, My fave SCP doctor
  6. Love and hearts all around dude <3 <3 <3
  7. Nice one sparx, I might want to be the other two at some point.
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