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  1. Bevan

    Honor's PAC3 Tier 1 Application( Taken down)

    -1 Applied for literally every position within a week (very dodgy tbh) Zero effort in application whatsoever PAC examples are atrocious; hard to look at
  2. Bevan

    Ana's MIA form

    Hmm big think "young man" Anyways Ana, good luck with your future endeavours
  3. Bevan


    You've named deltpacito, but you havent named deltaspacito OR deltapacito?
  4. Bevan

    Auzii's PAC3 Tier 2 Application

    +1. This is literally THE man to go to if you need anything done with PAC.
  5. Tarkin has a model SSD in his office. Also, in legends Vader's ship was showcased in TFU, which takes place before battle of yavin.
  6. Bevan


    I was in the trash compactor because Emperor Palpatine/Fliqqs said there was a buffet. As soon as i told him that the buffet didn't have enough salad, he instantly turned the compactor on
  7. Bevan

    League of Imperial Gaming

    Genuinely concerned as there are no salt memes yet.
  8. Bevan

    Automated Steamnam3s

    Shore uses it.
  9. Bevan

    Automated Steamnam3s

    I'm just going to guess this is for roster spreadsheets and what not. Most spreadsheets that I've seen already use steamID's anyway
  10. Bevan

    Boris' Backstory

    When you eventually get 1000 posts, you need to change your role to "English Teacher"
  11. Bevan

    Boris' Backstory

    *dies of english*
  12. Bevan

    Since when was this a thing?

    PL = backup. It's as simple as that.
  13. Bevan

    Deployable Turrets

    +1 but only give them to engineers or heavies. Correct me if i'm wrong, but 442nd already has thermal detonators, shotguns, and police shields. Maybe even have a special role.