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Everything posted by Bevan

  1. Bevan

    Assassin Troopers.

    Hidden Melee regiment: Sith Marauders Sith Inquisitors Royal Guard Shadow Guard gregis beating the engineers with his fists
  2. Bevan

    ImperialRP | Server Update

    r a n g e t r o o p e r s ? N A N I !
  3. Bevan

    Dungeons & Dragons

    never played this before but if basil plays it its probably gucci
  4. Bevan

    Boris K.

    So the original Rickle is still alive, but not Rickle K. Also, I think it would have been cool to see what the "K." stood for and why you called yourself "brothers" in private comms, despite you actually being secret agents
  5. Bevan

    Adam's Farewell (well maybe)

    My favourite 212th High Colonel named Adam, sadly gone. o7
  6. Bevan

    So i played csgo with...

    Trust me, it was.
  7. Bevan

    So i played csgo with...

    2nd last round, I one-tap Welshy, Cody, and Wolf with M4A1-S, and being honest it wasn't very sweaty because they sucked
  8. Bevan

    Our Timeline

    Pretty sure Wolf has said MULTIPLE times that we don't have a timeline.
  9. Bevan

    Ana's Trial Event Master Application

    These 2 sum it up
  10. Bevan

    A Sheevy Christmas

    I would actually pay to see @Flipps have a christmas carol album.
  11. Bevan

    I think im back lads

    jesus this thread is really goddamn toxic
  12. Bevan

    I think im back lads

    he left like a few days ago, maybe about a week
  13. Bevan

    Hey Losers!

  14. Bevan

    Celebrating Holidays on the server...

    Easter egg hunt all around the map for easter? Maybe we could even celebrate the server's birthday with party hats in the pointshop! t h e p o s s i b i l i t i e s a r e e n d l e s s
  15. Bevan

    Gmod in HD or normal?

    if you mean you use a square monitor and you want to change it to normal monitor settings i will be disappointed
  16. Bevan

    Present for Pilots.

    OMG your profile pic is golden, as are these designs
  17. Bevan

    Gregis Set designer App

    Changing to +1 or he beats me ove- oh I'm not meant to say that part? Oh okay! *beating noises* for real though this man deserves this
  18. Bevan

    996th and the battlestation

    Hey doesnt 996th also guard overbridge and NPCC, where more people are? Edit: we could also add in guarding checkpoints where you have to guard and ask for ID to get past
  19. Bevan

    A shore-t story

    Also @Delta if the map is popular enough it might be the permanent map rather than a rotation