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  1. Gonna miss you dude, it was fun knowing you ( still waiting for Rescue Trooper O.o) -Best of luck in your future Greyback -Jonathan (Ved)
  2. o7 my friend -Best of luck in your future Kippy! -Jonathan (Ved)
  3. 07 Dave sad to see you go
  4. o7 Lochie sad to see you go
  5. +1 use to be in rescue trooper and had a blast would love to see it come back again
  6. Welcome back crunchy!
  7. yes and also Navy comms it in and we told you to leave the server quick so you wont screwed boi good times
  8. nice work the editing is awesome
  9. Good bye man good luck with your future You will be missed
  10. Good Bye Bibleman It was nice knowing you hope i can see you in the future
  11. well then i just got baited hard
  12. nah fam leave it to the 501st legion
  13. is there gonna be that scene where Luigi gonna say i got the high ground anakin? would love to see it happen
  14. Im not sure if this is still a rule in the server but if a major movie comes out and someone decide to spoiled it to others you would get a permanent ban from what i saw and remember last time
  15. well i think their is no other way of obtaining one beside finding any higher up in RSC that can do your pilot license
  16. Welcome back my love bb basil glad to have you back <3
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