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  1. Steam Details:

    Steam Name: CPT. BANTER

    Steam ID: 76561198055348004

    Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055348004/


    In Game Details:

    In Game Name: Hammer

    In Game Rank: Staff Sergeant 

    In Game Regiment: 996th Imperial Guard

    Time Played: 2 Days, 7 Hours, 51 Minutes, 14 Seconds


    PAC3 Questions:

    Have you used PAC Before?


    Why should you be trusted with PAC?

    I feel as if I can be trusted with PAC, as I have not caused any  OOC or RP problems in the time I have been on the server, instead, I try to handle all situations that arise from both OOC and RP  disputes whether that being within the 996th or any other part of the community. Given my duties as 996th, I understand that I may not be well known as I mainly guard the Imperial High Command and the Generals that it entails. In saying so, yes my RP can be quite series, but given my duties, I feel it is fit. By allowing me to use PAC in-game, I feel as it will give me an extra edge when it comes to my RP both passively and actively. I try to design my PAC's around the idea of being in the 996th as a personal guard of the Generals, and also Imperial High Command itself, thus making my duties more  noticeable,  exciting, and also  interesting for those who wander up to the Imperial High Command for RP reasons, and also those who have the clearance level [CL-5] to enter. I have absolutely NO intention to abuse or overstep my duties or privilege with PAC but to instead prompt the idea of PAC for other members of the community.

    Why do you want access to PAC?  

    I would like to have access to PAC in order to expand my roleplay abilities both passively and actively, whilst also allowing my character to stand out and have some backstory to explore his duties as 996th. Passive roleplay using PAC ranges through multiple PAC creations from guarding the Imperial High Command and the Generals, Comms channels, I.D presentation, weapon holstering, and the Bionic PAC creations below demonstrating a backstory of losing limbs from a terrorist attack on the Imperial High Command, whilst defending it. Active roleplay can also have PAC applied, as it can allow me to adjust certain aspects of my character, such as the SE-14c weapon animation - changing the weapon stance from a pistol to a more supported SMG animation, allowing the weapon to seem more powerful, requiring more support in holding it, than it just seeming like a standard pistol. Another aspect of active roleplay using PAC is going through clearance required checkpoints - the I.D holographic display will not only provide a unique way to present I.D but also speeds up the process. Yet another example of active roleplay is through the use of the laser pointer PAC I created, as in combat scenario's or DEFCON 3, DEFCON 2, and DEFCON 1, it will provide an extra roleplay aspect through the means of "increased accuracy"  and combat focus. I intend to create more PAC's to provide an increase in both passive and active roleplay in game, which again may also inspire others to pursue their own creative side using PAC.

    Why do you believe you deserve PAC?

    I believe I deserve the privilege of using PAC, as I stated previously I am not here to cause any harm or problems for others, but to promote healthy and positive gameplay within the community. I also feel that my daily attendance within the server and my serious roleplaying abilities should also support my chances of obtaining PAC, as I play on the server for a minimum of 5-6 hours daily, and maintaining my duties within the 996th. I have NO intention to abuse my privilege of PAC and again I wish to promote the creative side in others to pursue designing and creating their own PAC creations, whilst assisting others with their own creations and ideas. If I was to obtain PAC I can guarantee I will continue to put 210% of my effort into the roleplay aspects of the server in both passive and active manners, and providing a more roleplay opportunities for others within the community, both inside of the 996th Regiment, and external Regiments.


    NOTE: This PAC creation is of ONE entire outfit demonstrating multiple PAC creations.

    Time Played Proof:


    Holographic Comms/Team Chat PAC 


    Unholstered Weapon - SE-14c


    Holstered Weapon - SE-14c


    Swaying Grenade Belt (Obviously cannot demonstrate as this is only a picture)


    Holographic I.D Display PAC


    Team Comms Pac


    Hovering Imperial Droid PAC


    Overview of the PAC 


    Robotic Leg (Using an AT-ST Playermodel)


    Updated Bionic Leg and Arm [to clarify: The leg was a guide from a youtube video - in which I then applied myself to the arm]

    Bionic Arm PAC


    Bionic Leg PAC


    Bionic Arm in Action


    Bionic Leg in Action


    Helmetless PAC with Robotic Eye and Head Swap


    Laser Pointed PAC - Yes it is toggleable 


    Helmet and Calves Body Swap


    Swapped Body Parts on the Outfit


    SE-14c Animation to hold like an SMG [NOTE - I am still trying to adjust the way his left-hand holds the weapon]











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