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  1. - BUMP -

    - Added Additional PAC Creations Consisting Of Personal Creations And PAC's I Have Made For Others -

    - Updated Time Played -

    - Cleaned Up Overall PAC Application -

    - Updated Previous Creations With Newer Outfit -


    Again I Just Wanted To Say Thank You To All Those Who Have Given Feedback On This Application, I Cannot Thank You All Enough! - Hammer

  2. - Bump -

    [Time Played Has Also Been Updated]

    I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has shown support and feedback for this application, it truly means a lot on how much you all appreciate and care about the content and effort I have made for this application, and I can't thank you all enough!

    - Hammer

  3. +1

    Based on your PAC creations I am giving you a +1, I haven't encountered you yet to be a minge, and I have seen you around the community a fair bit


    However, based on other community feedback I would recommend improving current status within the community



  4. - UPDATE - 

    - Added Additional PAC Creations [I.E Outfit, Field Pack, Visor, etc.] -

    - Updated Rank -

    - Updated In-Game Time Played -

    I would like to start by thanking everyone for their continuous support and feedback, I extremely appreciate it!. in saying that I have added an additional handmade PAC outfit [With the exception of the visor] and updated my rank, time played and previously made PAC's. If anyone has any feedback for what they would like to see or for me to improve it would be greatly noted!

    Thanks once again ❤️


  5. Hey Everyone! I just wanted to say thank you for the support and feedback! I have added two new PAC creations including an Officer Uniform PAC, and a drone inspired by Major General Hornet! - Again Thank you all for the tremendous support! 




    P.S - You all need to grow up ❤️

  6. Hammer's PAC3 Application

    Steam Details:

    Steam Name: [IG] CPT. BANTER

    Steam I.D: 76561198055348004

    Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055348004/

    In-Game Details:

    In-Game Name: Hammer

    In-Game Rank: Colonel

    In-Game Regiment: 996th Imperial Guard

    In-Game Time Played: 2 Weeks, 2 Days, 5 Hours, 25 Minutes, 7 Seconds




    PAC3 Questions:

    Have You Used PAC3 Before?



    Why Should You Be Trusted With PAC3?


    I believe I should be trusted with the use of PAC3, As I understand it is a privilege to have, not something to be used and abused - which will result in the removal of PAC access. I hope that I have demonstrated this, through my gameplay within the community, yes I understand I may come across as a strong roleplayer, however, I do not try to cause any issues for other players both in OOC and RP. I strive to resolve issues within both OOC and RP quickly and fairly, to improve everyone's experiences, whilst trying to prevent any situations from escalating any further than it needs to be. I also understand that not everyone will know who I am, as that is a given considering my duties as a guard for the Imperial High Command. Yet I try to regularly patrol the Star Destroyer saying hello to as many people as I can,  applying passive roleplay experiences for others, assisting other regiments and players who may be in need, and also providing some friendly banter whilst in OOC. By giving me PAC access, I feel that I will be able to engage my roleplay to another level, through the means of passive PAC creations such as my holographic I.D display, in which can be applied when I may be asked to present any identification. I also aim to provide a visual impact on other members of the community, through PAC creations such as; my basic 996th PAC, 996th snowtrooper PAC, Scout Trooper PAC, Holographic comms display, etc. I wish to promote the concept and art of the use of PAC for other players via my roleplay abilities will PAC, thus promoting and inspiring other players to create their own PAC creations, and apply just like me, in the hopes to see them with their own custom PAC creations within the community.

    Why Do You Want PAC3 Access?


    I would like to have access to PAC, in order to increase my roleplay abilities, both passively and actively. this again as previously stated can be applied through specific PAC creations that I have made, such as my visual PAC creations for passive roleplay e.g- an event taking place on Hoth, I can apply my snowtrooper PAC creation, to promote immersion and roleplay. As for actively, again, my holographic I.D display will allow me to present my identification when needed, in a unique way. PAC also allows me to expand the lore behind my character as it provides a means in which I can achieve this through both smaller PAC creations, and larger full-fledged creations. This ultimately allows my character to become more unique not only within the 996th Imperial Guard regiment but also within the community as a whole. I feel as if having PAC abilities, it allows anyone to create their own roleplay abilities for themselves or others depending on the PAC creations, thus I want PAC access to explore this concept to develop new forms of roleplay for both me, the 996th, and the community as a whole. Again I wish to inspire others around me, to go and create their own PAC creations, so they can learn, develop and understand PAC itself - so in which they can apply for the privilege of PAC.

    Why Do You Believe You Deserve PAC3?


    I believe I should be trusted with PAC within the community because I feel as if I have become known within the community (Forgive me if I may be wrong) and have developed new friends within both the 996th Imperial Guard, but also regiments themselves. In saying that, I feel as if I have become a trusted member within the community, as I try to avoid issues for other players in OOC, and when it comes to RP, I try to provide both an exciting and amusing roleplay experience for others, whilst maintaining my duties as an Imperial Guard within the 996th. Given my daily attendance as well, I feel like that should also show my commitment to the server and my involvement within the community. Again I have absolutely NO intention to abuse my possible PAC privileges in no way, shape, or form. and like I said, I strive to promote the use of PAC for other players, and I would be more than willing to help others in their own PAC creations. 


    Thank You For Looking At My PAC3 Application.


    PAC3 Creation Examples:

    PAC Outfit Creations:

    [Original Concept] Overall PAC3 Outfit:


    [Event Based] Custom 996th Imperial Guard Snow Trooper PAC:


    [Event Based] Custom 996th Imperial Guard Scout Trooper PAC:


    [Original Concept] Custom Formal Attire PAC:


    [Concept Creation] PAC Outfit Consisting Of Hand Made PAC Creations:


    [Updated Concept Phase 1] PAC Outfit Consisting Of Hand Made PAC Creations:


    [Updated Concept Phase 2] PAC Outfit Consisting Of Hand Made PAC Creations:


    [FINALISED CREATION] PAC Outfit Consisting Of Hand Made PAC Creations:


    PAC Outfit Details:

    Helmet Visor With Custom Flashlight

    [Courtesy of Gunjies - ALL Credit goes to him!] [NOTE: Only Added As It Is Visible Throughout The Application]


    Wrist Mounted TAC Pad PAC:





    Imperial Rank Insignia:

    [Note: This PAC Creation Is Prone To Change Following Each Given Promotion]


    Wrist Mounted Holographic I.D Display PAC:


    Custom Drone PAC [P.A.D - Personal Assistant Drone] Inspired By Major General Hornet:

    Activated P.A.D:


    Deactivated P.A.D:


    Holographic Comms Link PAC Creation:


    Custom Antenna/Binocular PAC Creation:

    Inactive Antenna:


    Active Antenna:


    Tactical FIeld Pouch Belt PAC Creation:

    [Consists Of 3X Ammo Pouches / 1X Misc Dump Pouch / 1X IFAK / 1X Tool Pouch]


    Boot Knife PAC Creation:


    Custom Field Pack PAC:


    "Predator" Classes Wrist Mounted Viroblades PAC:


    Weapon Holster PAC Creations:

    Dual DC-17s Pistol Holsters PAC Creation:


    SE-14c Holster PAC Creation:


    Alpha Blaster Weapon Holster PAC Creation:


    Custom Made PAC Creations For Others:

    Major General Icie's Custom PAC's:

    Major General Icie's Custom Made Variant Of The "Predator" Grade Vibro Claws [With Holographic Comms]:


    Major General Icie's Custom DC-17m Blaster Attachments:

    [Consists Of A Suppressor / Sight / Laser Pointer]


    Major General Icie's Custom Pulse Cannon Attachments:

    [Consists Of A Suppressor / Bipod / Laser Pointer]


    High Colonel Gunjie's Custom Drone PAC Creation:


    Royal Representative's Custom Variant Of The "Predator" Grade Vibro Claws [With Holographic Comms]:


    "A Literal Hammer" PAC3 Creation + Lore Behind It:

    "The hammer was the last line of defence for 'Hammer' in the defence against a Rebel incursion. Protecting his leader at all the time, "Hammer", out of ammo and out of luck, wielded the tool of creation in the means of the destruction of his foes, destroying all those who dare threaten his leader, ultimately saving the leaders life... Back then it was a weapon, now a reminder; a reminder of all he has lost to the rebellion, all that he has endured, a reminder that no matter the cost there is always a way. A reminder of who 'Hammer' really is."


    996th "Grow Up." PAC Creations:

    A Little Homage To The Members Of The 996th, And For Those Who Know Joke [Please Note This Was Just For Fun, Nothing Serious Or Offensive Intended]:


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  7. Hey everyone!

    I have completely re-done my PAC application and I have tried to achieve the following;

    • Updated answers to the questions
    • additional PAC creations
    • Further understanding of PAC
    • The understanding I may not be well known due to my duties within the 996th

    Please take a look!

  8. Hey everyone, so I understand that I'm not well known on the server, and now that I am an SGT I hope and plan to change that in a positive way. I would also like to present to you all the new PAC creations I have constructed. please keep in mind in saying that, that I am NO expert in PAC, however, I am trying to learn through both guides and references, and also unique creations (like my Robotic Leg PAC). I would also ask that we please keep this post to specifically PAC related and question-based, I understand that my RP may be tough going, but that is how i role play.

  9. if I may interject here, I used a video off of youtube to create the first PAC you all seen but i can assure you it wasn't downloaded.  however, it was used as a refresher, I had no intention of it causing such problems only to show that I can use PAC. the additional PACs were self-created with SOME INSPIRATION.  my apologies for causing such a fuss.

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