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  1. To all that this applies too...

    Grow. Up.

    Seriously, this is a post for an application for a possible COMMANDER POSITION, anything else not related to this WILL cease. This post is not here for people to complain, bitch or cause any issues either on the forums, in game or the community in general. For people who may have applied, please do not listen to what those who are trying to cause issues or degrade people, focus on yourselves and what you are trying to achieve. It is appalling to see what has happened to this post from so many people. I understand people's frustrations, however, there is NO need for anything such as what is occurring now.


    The remaining replies WILL NOT be about any form of degrading others. If it continues I will remove this post, and I will personally go through the applicants, or for those who wish to apply feel free to message either here or on Discord.

    I will NOT tolerate this kind of behaviour on such an important matter.


    - Hammer (Grand General - Imperial High Command)

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  2. From an IHC standpoint, there has been an extreme lack of people sitting heavy tests lately, now this can be due to the fact there may already be heavy units within regiments, however for those that currently do not have the slot filled this would provide an incentive for that role to be taken. It does state within the test itself that heavy units CANNOT take the full brunt of damage for the regiment, so it would be fitting that the heavy unit obtained a shield to not only act upon this but also prevent any cases of damage soaking.


    In saying that I will be +1 this purely for the shield to be given to the heavy, nothing more, nothing less


    - Hammer

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  3. I don't know where or why these "-1"'s have come from, but in my opinion from not only working with him daily, Lucky is absolutely deserving of TMOD. such reasons are listed below:





    Excellent RP

    Doesn't cause issues for players


    So in saying that I will be giving Lucky a HUGE +1





    Regardless of whether or not they replace RST models or become an entirely new regiment or whatever, The idea of either an updated version or a new trooper based special force for the sith sounds quite intriguing. 

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  5.  Steam Details:

    Steam Name: [IG] CPT. BANTER

    Steam ID: 76561198055348004

    Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055348004/


    In Game Details: 

    In Game Name: Hammer

    In Game Rank: Major General

    In Game Regiment: Imperial High Command

    Time Played: 3 Weeks. 6 Days, 9 Hours, 14 Minutes, 26 Seconds




    PAC3 Tier 2 Questions:

    What have you created with PAC 3 since receiving Tier 1? 

    Answer: I have not only created and updated my own personal PAC3 creations [As seen below], but I have also created and maintained multiple other PAC3 creations for numerous members of the Imperial Gaming community. To begin, I have mainly focused my recent PAC3 creations around updating their quality, prop count, aesthetics and overall uniqueness both for relation to the 996th Imperial Guard regiment and also whether they are the first of their kind. A prime example of such a PAC3 creation is the mounted wrist PAC I have created, evolving from a bulky, prop-heavy wrist mounted CPU, to a more stylish, advanced and less prop heavy holographic wrist pad which is still capable of previous features and allows more RP Experiences through the use of "updated or advanced technology". One of my biggest projects I created was the 996th "Juggernaut" class armour, which allowed RP revolving around the idea of increased armour [which worked well with the 300 health boost I obtained around the time of its creation] intending that I was tougher due to the said armour [NOTE: this PAC3 creation is currently being updated to reduce the number of props it uses}. In regards to PAC3 creations, I have WILLINGLY made for others who have my FULL CONSENT to use the said creations, I have made a series of PAC3 creations for multiple members of the community and shared my own personal PAC3 creations with others. The first examples are given below which demonstrate a persistent theme, yet still effective none the less. A few other members of the community such as and  Rickle and Sudo have been given my personal Field Pack PAC creation, and I have also assisted Rickle with his PAC both in his time within the 996th Imperial Guard and his time within SCAR.

    How have you improved the Roleplay for other members of the community whilst using PAC3? 

    Answer: I believe I have improved the Roleplay for members of the Imperial Gaming community through my PAC3 creations for both personal use and also for those I have created PAC3 creations for or assisted in. Firstly, through the use of previous PAC3 creations, such as my older wrist pad, I have attempted to RP note-taking whilst assisting Wolf in matters he needs notes or reminders taken. Weapon attachments to enhance the visual power of a weapon, such as the Westar under barrel attachment, Barrell extension, and the operational weapon flashlight to direct the light properly. Another creation, which is for more fun and during downtime or OOC situations is the Red card PAC3 creation, It has no intent to cause harm, but to rather have fun with others in OOC discussions. The main part of this answer comes from the PAC3 creations I have made for other members of the community. My main example [And favourite creation thus far] is the Major General PAC3 creation I had made for Bob incorporating his past as the Medical Regimental commander. This was achieved by adding his medical backpack and pouches to his major general model and also adding his old medical commander pouldron. These main small changes create a larger Roleplay and feel to his character as a Major General, as Bob is the Major General in charge of Support units, tying him back to his time in the Medical Troopers. Another example is Stevo's General outfit, which also incorporates his time as the Stormtrooper Commander, by applying Stormtrooper armour to his General model. By tinting the colour a little darker, it somewhat blends together. His other link to the Stormtrooper Commander is the orange pouldron. Other examples of how I believe I have improved the Roleplay for others can be seen below in my PAC3 examples. 

    What has been improved from the implementation of PAC3?

    Answer: Most of my PAC3 creations are currently in development to be updated to ensure they are not prop-heavy and are more atheistically pleasing, however, I have a few that are up to date with my current standards. Again, as previously mentioned my new Holographic Wrist has been created and implemented to replace the older model which was prop heaving and too bulky, as where the new variant has fewer props, "advanced technology", and a much more appealing look. Another example is the differences between my player outfits, my older model was more detailed, however, it was far to prop heavy, as where my current outfit still has similar traits just in smaller quantities [I.E Belt pouches have been reduced to make up for prop count]. Smaller details have been put in place, however, to make up for the loss in detail, such an addition is the change of the Visor colour to match the Tusks, it also shines giving of the concept that it is, in fact, an actual visor. Another clear improvement is the differences between the Imperial High Command models I have created. Gunjies being the first, it shows more similar traits to my own PAC3 outfit, opposed to referring to his older regiment, as where Bob's Major General outfit has a clear indication and reference to his older regiments through key PAC3 creations [I.E His medical backpack and pouldron].


    PAC3 Examples:

    Other PAC3 creations I have made or assisted with:

    Nyx's PAC3 creation I made to assist her in creating hers


    Bailey's Chimaera PAC3 Creation


    Gunjies Chimaera Commander PAC3 Creation


     Bob's Major General PAC3 Creation


    Gunjies Major General PAC3 Creation


    Stevo's General PAC3 Creation


    Emerald's 996th PAC3 Creation


    My custom PAC3 creations made since Tier 1 PAC3:

    Westar Custom Weapon Attachment PAC3 Creation


    DC-17m Custom Weapon Attachment PAC3 Creation


    996th "Juggernaut" Armour PAC3 Creation


    996th Formal Attire PAC3 Creation


    [CURRENT] 996th High Colonel Hammer PAC3 Creation


    Visor Colour Change PAC3 Creation


    Red Card PAC3 Creation [NOTE: Only For Fun, No Harm Intended]


    Holowrist Pad PAC3 Creation


    [OLDER] 996th High Colonel Hammer PAC3 Creation


    Current PAC3 Outfit: Major General Hammer [NOTE: Vexer allowed me to use his skull helmet, thus it will be present in the application and in-game]


    Thank you for taking the time to read my PAC3 Tier 2 Application!

    Lots of love 



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