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  1. Well it's time. Firstly I would like to thank the entirety of the Imperial Gaming Community for everything you have all given me, help me achieved, supported me and allowed me to be the best I could be on the server, whilst supporting my efforts as the Grand General for the period I served the role. I have come to the decision that I am leaving the server, and the community. I have had my fair share of time on the server, I have had my ups and my downs, My laughs and my arguments, but now is the time I leave. I would also like to thank the following: @Wolf Where do I begin, you entru
  2. Hammer

    Messing With Tinky

    tinky.exe has stopped working
  3. To all that this applies too... Grow. Up. Seriously, this is a post for an application for a possible COMMANDER POSITION, anything else not related to this WILL cease. This post is not here for people to complain, bitch or cause any issues either on the forums, in game or the community in general. For people who may have applied, please do not listen to what those who are trying to cause issues or degrade people, focus on yourselves and what you are trying to achieve. It is appalling to see what has happened to this post from so many people. I understand people's frustrations, howeve
  4. Hammer's 3 most common and also DAILY phrases from within Imperial High Command! 1. /ocomms KOS Tinky 2. /p lucky Can I not get 5 minutes, 5 GOD DAMN MINUTES WITHOUT SHIT HITTING THE FAN 3. /ocomms KOS Tinky
  5. From an IHC standpoint, there has been an extreme lack of people sitting heavy tests lately, now this can be due to the fact there may already be heavy units within regiments, however for those that currently do not have the slot filled this would provide an incentive for that role to be taken. It does state within the test itself that heavy units CANNOT take the full brunt of damage for the regiment, so it would be fitting that the heavy unit obtained a shield to not only act upon this but also prevent any cases of damage soaking. In saying that I will be +1 this purely for the sh
  6. I don't know where or why these "-1"'s have come from, but in my opinion from not only working with him daily, Lucky is absolutely deserving of TMOD. such reasons are listed below: Active Mature Trustworthy Responsible Excellent RP Doesn't cause issues for players etc. So in saying that I will be giving Lucky a HUGE +1 Goodluck! Hammer.
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