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  1. +1 Spent nearly a year with with this guy in the same regiment. Trustworthy and reliable always gets things done, Fun to be with brings positive attitude everywhere. Overall great guy Good Luck
  2. +1 From the little time he was In Royal Guard As His Commander i could see that he was Extremely Mature he was by far one of the best people i've met on this server. He left a big Impression on me for his hard working and unrelenting Determination. I thin he would make a Extremely great Event Master as he Constantly Tries to make Interesting RP with What Little Roleplay sith regiments offer. Good Luck!!
  3. NEUTRAL Needs Much more Detail In Both events and Application also Avoid using Lore models even though it's not canon (Nihilus, Revan) But I do know you, i'd say better than most as we are part of Similar Regiments, that you can Be responsible as well as being able to Crack a joke when called for to lighten up the mood you've got great personality.
  4. -1 Lacking in Detail Through Entire Application I suggest you have a look At other applications to See What you can Add Don't Copy Though
  5. NETURAL Most Concerning Part Is the Perma Ban. I also Don't know you Enough to Make any Creditable Judgement on Improvement Another Thing is From other replies to this app you seem to go sour when things don't go your way. You'll need to Get this Soughted Out Almost 100% of the time events never go as planned. So i recommend Adding To your Event ideas Things that can go wrong and How to fix them
  6. +1 Seen him around and has shown he is responsible enough to take on the roll of event master However, Could Use a bit more detail In Event Ideas such as - Models - Weapons - Names
  7. Thana

    Born's Trial Mod

    +1 Great guy able to socialise with anyone Quick learner i still remember when i taught him how to duel properly. He is already better than me
  8. Thanks this means a lot froma former Event master Btw of course I know you
  9. Thanks Emerald this really boost my self-confidence in my application
  10. I appreciate your Tips I will Make an Effort whenever I can to Form Relations With Player Other than sith I'll Also Have a look over my Event Ideas An polish them up Thanks for the Reply
  11. Thanks For Replying I am well aware of my Lack of Relations outside of sith but that is because of my Character as Royal Guard. Sith in general are encouraged to Keep there Relations outside of sith to a minimun however i understand where you are coming from.
  12. Steam Name: Phanra Age: 16 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198802705400/ In Game Name and Rank: Royal Guard Commander Myn Kyneugh Time Played (Server Time): Currently 4 day 10 hours However I had over 1 week Before the Reset Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): Not that I know of Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): Unfortunately i have not been Event Master on any other Serves (hoping this would be My First) Why are you applying to be an event
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