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  1. I only accept challenges from worthy opponents. Not people who spam the forums
  2. Hi big man, I'm bigger man.
  3. +1 Your grammar needs some improvement but other than that, I like you.
  4. -1 You seem cool, but your application lacks detail.
  5. +1 Good application, and you seem like a great guy.
  6. They look good! I struggle with circles, but you've got talent.
  7. No, it's never too early for Christmas. I'd like to see somebody capture Santa Claus and find out where my gosh darn pony is.
  8. +1 This is overall a pretty decent application and you seem like a nice guy.
  9. Bye Boris Johnson. You were the best.
  10. Welcome back! You seem like a cool guy.
  11. -1 The grammar errors make you appear immature/unprofessional.
  12. You're an awesome dude.
  13. -1 You don't capitalize your I's. It's my personal opinion that a staff member in any community should have good grammar.
  14. My idol is Morgan. I want to be a wonderful trial event master like him!
  15. /me Wonders if he can finally gain acceptance through role-playing.
  16. Beetley


    +1. How old are you?
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