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  1. o7 I love ya man, good luck with it all
  2. ewwww that weirdo ♥
  4. Sorry Aphrodite, you’ve lost this round.
  5. Brass


    *hype* *cough*
  6. I'm not gonna make a long goodbye, because I'm drunk right now but long story short I've been thinking about leaving for a while. I'm just super bored and burnt out of star wars up and yeah ._. I need a big break AND I've done some things to hurt some people really close to me and I don't want to be around and hurt them anymore. I've really loved being apart of this community and I've had some amazing times I really love all of you (except @Rickle) and I'll probably be back in a while but for now, it's goodbye ♥♥ @Emerald @Rivers @Bailey @Splont
  7. yeah idk how we afforded all that lol
  8. thats my line and anyways, happy birthday man and hope you have a good trip
  9. Well, as others have said, feel free to make an application and it'll be reviewed
  10. lies. I got too much. $780, $100 Visa card from @Sully, Headphones, Speaker, Apple Watch, iPhone 6s, and clothes
  11. It's gone to a good cause *not myself, even though I am a very good cause.*
  12. Still, don't know how I won. pretty sure you rigged it. Oh well. Hentai it is. But legit, I luv ya man, always great to play murder or Skyfall with you at 3am lol And, hows the parking?
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