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  1. The fattest +1 for you lyric.
  2. +1 Active and friendly guy. Definitely can be trusted with PAC3.
  3. I will be changing my response to neutral for the time being as i know you wouldn't normally act like that. But as pine jack said, if you show that it was a mistake and you are willing to not do it again i will change my rating from a neutral to a +1.
  4. /\/\/\ The fattest +1 for you hammer.
  5. Jalex is .. Friendly Mature Great roleplayer Creative Active Event ideas are good Although... Application needs more detail specifically the events. So ill give you a fat +1 because i know that you can improve the application. Although if you dont i will change my rating from a +1 to a Neutral. Now that you have updated your application i do not see any reason why you should not get a +1 .
  6. Ramirez definitely deserves PAC, hes a good roleplayer and a good member of the IG community. So +1
  7. +1 Beven definitely deserves PAC
  8. Billy is.. Active Friendly Good commander Trustworthy Although.. Your pacs could be more creative More detail in your application. But i do believe you deserve a +1
  9. Basil

    Wills EM application

    -1 Due to all the reasons stated above
  10. Its sad to see you go, you were a valued member of ig and a good friend. Make sure to pop into ts some times and say hello. But none the less i wish you the best of luck in future. PS you should totally add me on steam so we can play some fat games https://steamcommunity.com/id/StaunchieBasil/
  11. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i don't think having 11 hours of playtime equates to being in the community for 7 months. Even then its been months since the reset. Although some parts of your application are well written, some are missing and other parts seem to completely contradict each other. But beyond that i recommend you get some more hours under your belt and get to know more people around the ship as i personally have not met you before. So unfortunately i will be giving you a -1 But none the less best of luck with your application in future. *Edit I forgot to mention that applications require you to have a minimum of 1 week of playtime.
  12. UPDATE I have expanded upon & (hopefully) fixed the issues in my application.
  13. Thanks @Helsing for commenting on my application, but most of all thank you pointing out these flaws in my application that weren't immediately obvious to me when i first wrote my event ideas, Such as the civi's role playing as troopers & vice versa. That was a mistake on my part, I will make sure to update my applications and attempt to cover all possible scenarios in some form or another as what you say strikes true. (PS. Thanks to all who have commented previously on my application as well, it means a lot to me)
  14. Basil


    F Well good luck in the future my dude i really hope you return one day because if not Imperial gaming will be loosing a fine friend/community member . Ps. You still haven't gotten Bailey & i lost your snapchat you should send it to me again
  15. Basil


    +1 Although i do agree with what people said previously, i do believe you will be a capable event master with your personality, creative mind and hard work ethic. If you update your application i am sure more people will give you a +1.
  16. You made gunjies sound like hes actually cool. Very well written i must say.
  17. closeted minge should be a category
  18. They should put this in the IG store
  19. Bump (Updated rank & playtime)
  20. (Remove if not aloud) Although i am not staff i do understand their procedure. But first things first, i was a character in that event and i over heard everything . But in defence of sudo, some one did mass RDM and the only two possible culprits were you and netty (I forget how that was deduced but i do remember it being logical.) . After the incident he asked you both in TS to own up to what happened and he would try to lessen the blow of your punishment .But the both of you denied these claims, with you making so much noise it was almost impossible to hear our orders. After this he pulled you both into another channel where i presume he questioned you both. Sudo followed the correct procedure and is not in the wrong, and as pinejack says here (the last few sentences specifically) you should of had a much more severe punishment for your actions, and due to Sudos & the staff teams kindness you are getting of with a measly slap on the wrist in comparison. And on top of that i have seen you multiple times minge and be a general nuisance on server. So -1
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