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  1. Neutral. Reasons stated above ^
  2. NEUTRAL If you fix what is stated above i would be more then happy to change my response to a +1. Good luck! -Basil
  3. I wish you the best of luck during this terrible time, all of us understand that you need time to grieve.
  4. Although i do think you would be a great addition to the EM team, i will be rating your application as neutral due to previous feedback on this post. Once i see an improvement in how you conduct yourself i will be more then happy to change my rating to a +1.
  5. The fattest +1 for you my friend
  6. Cant wait for REDACTED to be released, it will be a great addition for the server. And because why not [IG] StaunchieBasil - 97-3 Basil - Put me in the Draw Whitey
  7. @Omo I finally completed the first section, are you proud of me?
  8. Basil

    Cryo's Application

    Hello Cryo. Unfortunately i will not be giving you a +1 due to your attitude, i feel like this is just an anomaly and you wouldn't normally act like this from my experience with you in Chimaera Squad. So until you show an improvement in how you present yourself i will be rating your application as Neutral . If do see an improvement in both your behaviour and your application i am willing to change my neutral to a +1. Although on the opposite side of the coin if you continue to negatively treat the people who have taken time out of their day to comment on your application i will unfortunately Have to change my rating to a -1. But none the less i wish you the best of luck my friend.
  9. Its good too hear about you returning, even if it is briefly.
  10. Sorry but i will be giving a Neutral for the time being until i see you more around the ISD. Best of luck.
  11. Basil


    I wish you the best of luck & a speedy recovery
  12. Emerald is: Active Friendly Has extremely good standing within the community Knowledgeable about the rules on server Very good application Previous experience on a multitude of different servers But really its Emerald what else is there to be said? +1
  13. I think the posts i have quoted above are a very good summary of your application so unfortunately i will be giving you -1 Oh and as @Morgan said you have posted this application in the wrong section of the forum.
  14. I have seen you around a fair bit these last few days. Looking forward to you becoming more know throughout the community.
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