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  1. @Ramirez We will be filming IG participants attempting to complete an obstacle course inspired by the show WipeOut. There will be a 3000 Credit prize for the winner. After the recording is done we will release the video for all to enjoy.
  2. Over the next couple of weeks myself and the rest of the media team will be working on our project, IG Wipe-out. We held some interviews today which turned out to be very successful. Due to the sheer amount of people that showed up we will be running another batch of interviews tomorrow (11/09/2018) at 6pm AEST. Those who make it through the interview phase will be announced here, along with any other updates. But none the less, best of luck to all that that participated. - The Media team.
  3. Welcome to IG! @zaspan
  4. DENIED. Reapply in two weeks.
  5. I wish you the best of luck during this terrible time, all of us understand that you need time to grieve.
  6. Cant wait for REDACTED to be released, it will be a great addition for the server. And because why not [IG] StaunchieBasil - 97-3 Basil - Put me in the Draw Whitey
  7. @Omo I finally completed the first section, are you proud of me?
  8. Its good too hear about you returning, even if it is briefly.
  9. Basil


    I wish you the best of luck & a speedy recovery
  10. I have seen you around a fair bit these last few days. Looking forward to you becoming more know throughout the community.
  11. Its sad to see you go, you were a valued member of ig and a good friend. Make sure to pop into ts some times and say hello. But none the less i wish you the best of luck in future. PS you should totally add me on steam so we can play some fat games https://steamcommunity.com/id/StaunchieBasil/
  12. F Well good luck in the future my dude i really hope you return one day because if not Imperial gaming will be loosing a fine friend/community member . Ps. You still haven't gotten Bailey & i lost your snapchat you should send it to me again
  13. You made gunjies sound like hes actually cool. Very well written i must say.
  14. closeted minge should be a category
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