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  1. Holy cow this thread is toxic AF
  2. This application is appalling, even after a year to prepare or even draft out a ban appeal you come up with barely a paragraph? Oh and there isn't even an apology. I am not going to waste anymore time writing a response on this application as it seem you didn't even put 5 minutes into your ban appeal. Although my opinion is subject to change if you show a HUGE improvement into this application. -1
  3. NEUTRAL Personally i don't want anyone who is had a past of doxing users back on the server, but your apology seems to be genuine. So although i want to -1 this application ill give you the benefit of the doubt. On another note i think your ban should be reduced to maybe a one month ban or something along that line.
  4. @Delta Your more then welcome to join back, might even have a chat to whitey about you becoming the 2nd Sandiest boi, EDIT: I feel hella bad for not noticing this thread earlier
  5. /me Cleans IHC without permission
  6. Probably should credit the original creators of this BTW.
  7. -1, What you have done is a disgusting. I don't wish to see you return to this community to plague it, no matter how genuine your apology is.
  8. +1 loosing my pulse cannon would make me **BIG CRY**
  9. This application is appalling along with your attitude. You wont be getting anywhere if you keep this up especially on IG. Oh and its a no from me, disrespecting a staff member is a foolish mistake that you made on more then one occasion. -1
  10. Hi all, its Basil from the media team with the announcement of round two of IG Wipe-out, the following 8 contestants made it into Round 2; Iris, Stubzy, Bailey, Vanilla, Galen Erso [Gregis], Jaggy, Martibo and Planz. We plan to run & film round two on the 6/10/18 at 4:00pm AEST. To the contestants, if you are not available for the second round message either myself or any other member of the media team and we can reschedule. - Basil
  11. I have known you for a long time on the server and i believe that you could make an awesome T-MOD. +1
  12. +1 Your application has improved significantly, and my experience with you in the past makes me believe that you would be an asset to the team.
  13. This looks awesome! Keep up your good work.
  14. Your an awesome dude, and my experience with you make me believe you would be an asset to the team. All though you have made significant improvements it still needs work all round. NEUTRAL -Basil
  15. -1 For the following reasons You attempted & killed some of my EC's "for fun", I then set you back to an ST, which leads to the next dot point. You RDM'ed a bunch of people in debrief because you "Couldn't resist" literally MINUTES after i & another moderator (Another EC) verbally warned you Your ban appeal is absolutely appalling and is lacking any sign of effort Your attitude is even worse! I dont doubt for a second (based off your attitude) if you where are un-banned, that you would attempt to mass RDM/break server rules (again) within minutes. Like other people have said, i dont want to see you on the server again.
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