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  1. This application is appalling, even after a year to prepare or even draft out a ban appeal you come up with barely a paragraph? Oh and there isn't even an apology. I am not going to waste anymore time writing a response on this application as it seem you didn't even put 5 minutes into your ban appeal. Although my opinion is subject to change if you show a HUGE improvement into this application. -1
  2. NEUTRAL Personally i don't want anyone who is had a past of doxing users back on the server, but your apology seems to be genuine. So although i want to -1 this application ill give you the benefit of the doubt. On another note i think your ban should be reduced to maybe a one month ban or something along that line.
  3. @Delta Your more then welcome to join back, might even have a chat to whitey about you becoming the 2nd Sandiest boi, EDIT: I feel hella bad for not noticing this thread earlier
  4. /me Cleans IHC without permission
  5. Probably should credit the original creators of this BTW.
  6. -1, What you have done is a disgusting. I don't wish to see you return to this community to plague it, no matter how genuine your apology is.
  7. +1 loosing my pulse cannon would make me **BIG CRY**
  8. This application is appalling along with your attitude. You wont be getting anywhere if you keep this up especially on IG. Oh and its a no from me, disrespecting a staff member is a foolish mistake that you made on more then one occasion. -1
  9. Hi all, its Basil from the media team with the announcement of round two of IG Wipe-out, the following 8 contestants made it into Round 2; Iris, Stubzy, Bailey, Vanilla, Galen Erso [Gregis], Jaggy, Martibo and Planz. We plan to run & film round two on the 6/10/18 at 4:00pm AEST. To the contestants, if you are not available for the second round message either myself or any other member of the media team and we can reschedule. - Basil
  10. This looks awesome! Keep up your good work.
  11. -1 For the following reasons You attempted & killed some of my EC's "for fun", I then set you back to an ST, which leads to the next dot point. You RDM'ed a bunch of people in debrief because you "Couldn't resist" literally MINUTES after i & another moderator (Another EC) verbally warned you Your ban appeal is absolutely appalling and is lacking any sign of effort Your attitude is even worse! I dont doubt for a second (based off your attitude) if you where are un-banned, that you would attempt to mass RDM/break server rules (again) within minutes. Like
  12. Ill be waiting until the map comes out on IG before i get a cheeky glance. An hour later and i have broken.
  13. Ill make sure to add a lot more debriefs to the end of all of my events. I didnt realise people wanted them, i thought they were loathed by everyone.
  14. Was a good ride my friend. I wish the best of luck to you.
  15. Another one bites the dust. F Its a shame to see you go but best of luck in future. (PS, hop on IG from time to time)
  16. I'll have you know that i drew with all my heart and soul, you just cant accept true beauty. <3 PS, You are a mega Weeb
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