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  1. Legit the Star power they have in this games is honestly selling the game to me then and there, i haven't even seen any game play besides whats shown in this trailer.
  2. Oh ahah, my bad. I went of this form https://goo.gl/forms/IbsmhLh9lxt4zIr13 and chose the most common selections and those who fit into them.
  3. As i said i will make a 2nd game if the current one succeeds, and you can fill in for people if they leave
  4. Sorry for the delay in this post but i had some pretty big issues pop up IRL that affected the time i could dedicate to IG, but with that sorted i know present to you a discord (Where we will be talking) & a time for when i run the games. Unfortunately with 15 applicants only a few could get in and these where the people who fitted best to the allocated time frames/days. Although with saying that, if the games prove to be a success i might consider making a second group for all who would still be interested. We will be starting character creation this Saturday in the time stated below, alo
  5. @NovaPendragon @Bevan Keep it on subject and leave it at that.
  6. My comment is most likely affected by bias as me and bailey are good friends, but whilst i cant deny the evidence i don't believe he should be removed from the EM team or demoted. I believe a staff warn would be far more suitable in this situation, and based of other punishments i have seen on the server people have gotten away with a lot worst with just a warn themselves. Loosing bailey from the EM team would be a grievous mistake in my opinion as the events he creates are of a high quality.
  7. Basil


    I was terrified, if i didnt find something i would've found myself at recruit very soon
  8. Basil


    This was very much in RP for me, and forgive me please i had to find someone. Ps. Answer to your question delta its almost everyday since i manage to piss of ISB so often.
  9. Gonna miss you mate, we shared some good times.
  10. +1 What you did was wrong and that isn't going to change but i know you are a good guy and you made a mistake, although i dont think you ban should be removed outright i do believe that it should be reduced. Im probably going to get targeted for saying this but people seem to forget that all the mods, em's & the advisers/super admins where flying around around in TIE's and X-wings that night and killing each other, that probably influenced your mingy behaviour. (it was above 30 people)
  11. From left to right, @Bevan, @Briggsand then myself @Basil (Stewart Wintoh)
  12. So far everyone seems to want to play Edge of the empire, which is pretty much D&D but with different dice and star wars themed. I personally think its much easier as a format to learn then other formats. So far it seems the game will be running from 3 - 6 pm on a Sunday, once a week.
  13. Basil


    This idea sounds cool but as an EM i appose it 100% as its hard enough to control the flow of an event as is. Having another group of variables would make it significantly harder as just sometimes its hard to fit pilots into events with how OP the imperials fighters are. Plus some maps just cant support one or two vehicles as is and having pilots on with that ability would cause chaos.
  14. Alright so now that i see who is interested i have decided to make it a bit more formal. Pretty much if you want to play Dungeons or dragons (Or another similar tabletop RPG for that matter) just fill out this form (Please no spam or trolling) https://goo.gl/forms/Sbrui0SSiO0tuh5q2. Once i get enough interested players ill post an official schedule to all who are playing. Everything will be provided by me all you will need to do is make a ROLL 20 account and have a good social attitude and a will to learn. But yeah thats it, Peace out. Ps all are welcome, from veteran IG members to
  15. Basil

    Rest In Two Pieces

    @Relegator Ah yes i do remember. I shall add them to any and all shore trooper tryouts in future. /me Thinks back at all the traumatised recruits. Note to self: Update the design
  16. She'll be right, everyone know how to use them and the dangers now.
  17. @pinejack I see your point but i had a few ideas to circumvent that issue. So basically i was thinking of doing smaller self contained stories just to let people dip their toes into the tabletop game, or a full length campaign with an "The adventure so far" in a google doc with interchangeable characters. But perhaps you are right i should shorten the time between games to keep players engaged.
  18. Would be awesome to have a trooper regiment that focuses on melee combat, but i dont see much use for them on the server. Although dont get me wrong they sound cool.
  19. Im just gonna make this short and sweet, i was thinking recently about running a community game of D&D (5E of course) once a month on Roll 20 as its been so long since i have ran a game of D&D. I you would be interested hit me u either in this posts comments or in my message bank. But yeah, besides that peace out.
  20. Mate you will be sorely missed, you were my friend from day one on the server especially during the OG Chimaera squad days. None the less its going to be hard to see ya leave, but its understandable. So best of luck in future my friend make sure to hit me up every now and then to catch up. PS: We should play some fortnight sometime so i can carry your ass again, oh and No u. Some old screenshots \/
  21. Holy cow this thread is toxic AF
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