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  1. -1 I haven't had any negative interactions with you, but your application is lacking detail my friend and that is the only reason my response is negative.  Improve on everything significantly and add a lot more detail and i will change my response to be more positive as one to two sentence responses wont cut it. 

    tip one: Look at other applications that have been accepted and ones that have been denied.

    Tip two: Explain what the consequences will be, don't just say they will have consequences.

    Good luck. - Basil.


  2. I am going to keep this real simple, i have decided to pretty much step out of the IG community to take more of a backseat role within it. So while i wont say that this is goodbye or you guys wont see me again, i am pretty much just saying that i wont be involved in this community to the same extent as i was in the past (Although i will be on the server for about an hour a night most of the weak to catch up and RP with you mad lads). The main reason i have decided to step back is as i will be going back into school again this year and am in the process (again) of moving out into the big bad world on my own, because of this i want to step into the year with less obligations. After dropping out last year due to me being in an extremely unhealthy state of mind after a large falling out with friends. Which as matter of fact this community pretty much helped me out of indirectly when first joined the server, which i must thank @Gunjies & @Cody for making me feel so welcome within the community when i first joined, and how can i forget the rest of the boys @Jye, @Bailey, @Jesis, @Gregis and so many more. So as i said before this isnt a goodbye its more of a see yah later post so to speak as i will be making sure to come back once i get my life more balanced and in order. So for however long that takes i would just like to mention a few people on the server as a thank you for making me feel so at home on Imperial Gaming.

    @Jye , @Bailey You both are a bloody pair of Idiots, but you where my best mates on the server and i cant thank you both enough.

    @Gregis Minge

    @Gunjies My first CO and one of the most friendly people on the server, i am glad that i could call you a friend.

    @Rad_Cop Man i feel so bad for you being my CO, but you are a great guy.

    @Emerald Bush boy

    @Welshy You are a great bloke and an even better event master, im gonna miss not being apart of your team.

    @Wolf Terrible at league, good bloke, good friend.

    @Rickle My favourite Mute, (If you speak i will legit take this back and make time to stay lmao. Jk)

    @Parcy My sugar daddy

    @Splonter Admittedly we had our issues in the past but we both overcame to become good mates

    If  you aren't on that list don't be offended, i just didn't want to have to write an essay.


    This is Basil, of the ISD Chimaera. Signing off.


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  3. Everyday more and more evidence is piled onto your plate? And what do you do? You play dumb, make stupid excuses and dont own up. Address the issues, dont ignore them. I understand i already commented on this thread but this is disgusting. Seriously, i dont want to see you apart of this community as the Moderator team has to deal with once (And if ) You get un-banned. Not only that, you are unbelievably toxic to people on your own ban appeal. 


    11 hours ago, Ben said:

    I mean that engineerHook.dll wasn't a cheat so ummmm... and how is charging a fee to help fix a server blackmailing? hmmmmmmmmmm I don't work for free

    On 1/15/2019 at 9:15 PM, Ben said:

    I don't know how I "doxxed someone heavily" all I did was post a photo of one of his family members who had mutual friends on Facebook. In discord with 6 people, and yes it was doxing and extremely toxic and negative and I know how serious of an offense it was but I was banned and learned my lesson. And at the time I was an immature boy I have since learned my lesson and heavily apologized to said individual and I haven't done anything that toxic in nature since.


    Now in regards to the said "document" I have no idea what this is and I find it ludicrous for me to be the one who "distributed" the document to players when I myself have no idea what it is and in no way did I create it or release it.


    I have never once threated to DDoS the EG community or any community period and even if I did I wouldn't even have a clue on how to. 

    And now regarding these "Garry's Mod Hacks"  all I have used was a self-coded C++ Wallhack and bhop which I used on EG, because of these exploits I was issued a week ban and also learned a lesson not to create or use hacks and even with these exploits I didn't attack any individuals or take from their experience on the server but I do acknowledge what I did was wrong and I have since worked on improving my image in the SWRP community by helping some communities with their anti-cheat and exploit detection.


    I have never hacked on IG in my life and if I did wouldn't I be banned by the anti-cheating software? So I find this a weightless claim and an uneducated guess on how hacking works.

    In regards to EG all I used was a self-coded C++ wallhack and bhop and I acknowledge what I did is bad and I have realized that, and as I've matured I have since stopped creating exploits after my last and only 2 creations and instead worked on helping servers detect these exploits and improve other communities.

    Now in regards to these videos, these are simply uploaded on behalf of an individual who wishes to remain anonymous and the content of these videos is uncontrollable by me, I simply upload the videos as the individual doesn't have the luxury of revealing her identity and she doesn't have the platform to release them and I have yet to receive a message to delete the video not to mention I'm not breaking any rules in uploading these videos of someone playing on another community however I would never and have never uploaded videos of this nature that have revolved around communities like EG or IG and I would also delete and discontinue the uploading of this individuals videos if that is seen as best. There is also no footage of me cheating on any servers in the video and never will be.


    Because I have learned my lesson and I yearn to be a part of this wonderful community once again and I believe I've shown that I won't do it again as I've been trying to get unbanned for about a year.I've already talked to Whitey and he said I would be on like a one warn basis type of thing until I show I can be a functioning member of the community again and that it's also my last chance at redemption within the community and I believe that this shows that I will never go back to how I was during the time of my ban. Which I personly believe this will show how much I've reformed.



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  4. +1 I personally think Sterling would be an excellent fit for a T-mod on the server, he has shown to me that not only is mature, friendly, intelligent but he is also quite trustworthy. i understand that he has just rejoined Imperial gaming but i personally think he deserves the chance to prove himself on the server and i see no better way then him joining the moderation team. 


    Best of luck - Basil

  5. +1 I know that if sterling trusted you with a position of Admin on RG, and as whitey has approved of your application, i have no reason to -1 your application. I hope to see you join the staff team in the future. 


    **Whsipers** More detail is always good though :)

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  6. Well considering what has happened tonight is no secret. I wish to put out an olive branch and welcome you all personally, i hope that our community can thrive and overcome past disagreements and solve any issues that are far in the past. Whilst i can never truly understand the exact issues or how extensive they where in the past , i would like to apologise. But at the end of the day one post cant fix all the issues, i hope that people from both communities are willing to move on, as I think that this is a good chance for our communities to reconcile and thrive as one community. I am quite sure my opinions are echoed by many of us on Imperial gaming, because at the end of the day the truth is that all we want is to have fun playing Star-wars RP. So well i hope to see you all out there enjoying your experience on both the Imperial server and the new Clone wars server that releases tomorrow


    Best regards - Basil

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  7. 7th Sky Corps

    The 7th Sky Corps was a division of the Grand Army of the Republics elite Clone trooper army. The 7th Sky Corps was under the collective command of both Clone Marshal Commander CC-2224 "Cody" and the High Jedi General Obi-wan Kenobi. The 7th Sky Corps on the IG Clone-wars server will include the following sub-divisions, the 212th Attack battalion, the 2nd Airborne Company, the 212th ARF troopers (Advanced Recon Forces) and the 23rd Medical Company. If you wish to gain a position among the ranks of the 7th Sky Corps please contact either myself (Basil) or Cody (aka. Grand Admiral Thrawn).



    The 7th Sky corps consisted of many subdivisions, but the most prominent one have been selected on the server. The 7th Sky Corps command structure will be splitting up allowing for Non commissioned officers to take charge and assist in command of each of the sub divisions giving more overall opportunities for all within the regiment whilst maintaining the ability to work as a cohesive group of the 7th Sky Corps. (Note: Not everything stated below is Canon or apart of the Lore. Many of the Company/squad names have been created by myself to entice more RP and allow people within the 7th Sky Corps to have some breathing room to create their own clone characters and allow NCOs to have more roles/positions.)

    212th Attack Battalion

    One of the most Well know Clone trooper battalions, the 212th specialised in invasions, frontal attacks, besieging and other offensive scenarios. They often acted as the main offensive force in major battles and came equipped with the DC-15A blaster rifle and DC-15S blaster carbine. As the largest of the four subdivisions it will be split into two companies, Ghost company and Sierra squad. Clone Marshal commander CC-2224 "Cody"  will take the command position of 212th along with the other sub-divisions of the 7th Sky Corps.

    • Ghost Company (3 slots)
    • Sierra Squad (4 slots)

    2nd Airborne Company

    The 2nd Airborne Company was a military division of the the Grand Army of the Republic and subsequently the 7th Sky Corps. The troopers of the 2nd Airborne Company were equipped with helmets designed for high altitude drops. The 2nd Airborne company will rule the skies coming equipped with Jet-packs along with DC-15S and DC-15A blasters.

     Advanced Recon Forces

    Advanced Recon Force troopers aka "ARF" where a group of intelligent and better trained soldiers compared to most Clone-troopers. They wore light armour into battle to increase their mobility to aid in stealth/scouting operations. Coming equipped with grappling hooks on-top of their blaster the units are quite nimble in and out of battle.

    23rd Medical Company

    The 23rd Medical Company is an offshoot battalion of the 212th attack battalion. 23rd Medical Company medics were clone troopers who were equipped to diagnose and treat wounded soldiers. They where given specialised equipment and training from the Kaminoan's on how to medically treat the clone body.  Whilst the most of the 23rd Medical Company wasn't renowned for their fighting capabilities, they where excellent in working as a unit to succeed in combat .

    Image result for 212th

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  8. 1 hour ago, Splonter said:

    Huge -1, What you've done in the past is disguisting and multiple being federal offences that can land you a fat fine or in prison.


    You've doxxed a good friend of mine heavily, During EG you were banned you came on in an alt and spammed in comms this persons real name, As well as a link to a document which revealed their family names, where he lives, his school, photos of him & family as well as phone numbers all whilst there was 80+ people on the server, I shall not reveal this person unless asked directly due to privacy reasons but for you to have the heart to do this is honestly revolting. You've been incredibly disgusting & toxic in the past with using Garrys Mod hacks as well as threats to ddos the EG community when it was alive. I honestly hope you stay banned permanently.


    -1. Personally what you did on Imperial gaming isnt what is affecting my response, its this comment that i quoted .Even though Imperial gaming didnt have a good relationship with EG it doesn't void the implications of what you did , it is absolutely disgusting.  Considering the fact you have done it once, and there is no way to prove that you want do it again. I personally don't want to see you rejoin the community and have the possibility of a loose cannon like you revealing someones personal identity 

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