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  1. -1. Personally what you did on Imperial gaming isnt what is affecting my response, its this comment that i quoted .Even though Imperial gaming didnt have a good relationship with EG it doesn't void the implications of what you did , it is absolutely disgusting. Considering the fact you have done it once, and there is no way to prove that you want do it again. I personally don't want to see you rejoin the community and have the possibility of a loose cannon like you revealing someones personal identity
  2. Have anything to say for yourself young-man?
  3. 46298704_254679915206681_1684320669327584196_n.mp4
  4. I wish to participate in the Pk of Rickle. I want to hear his screams.
  5. Basil


    @Emerald You aint seen shit yet boi
  6. About dam time Wolf, what about that game of league ? Ps, this post is quite wholesome. I feel honoured to be a member of this community.
  7. Yo i think its time to bring back the fam @Bailey @Jye. Edit note: Realised Stewart was publicly beaten then killed by 4-6 Walkers. Ps good story idiot
  8. Found this pretty kick ass fan film while i was browsing you-tube. Thought you guys will probably enjoy it. Make sure to give these guys some love, they put a lot of effort into it.
  9. o7 My friend Make sure to drop in every now and again.
  10. @Gregis Dont expect any freebies
  11. Im fine personally with most of the stuff stated above as long as they can accept in character punishments. The real issues with the credit systems is the fact that there isnt a way to remove credits from the economy passively.
  12. lmao, what a glorious death it was. A tale of friends, betrayal, death and action.
  13. Hahahaha, these two have been playing roblox all week.
  14. Good to see you back my friend
  15. Good luck in future my friend, make sure to pop in and say hi once and awhile. Just remember that i am a better dueller then you
  16. As always you have crafted another great story. But 3cm ? OOOFT. I can (Hopefully) have wintoh back in my name.
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