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  1. 46298704_254679915206681_1684320669327584196_n.mp4
  2. I wish to participate in the Pk of Rickle. I want to hear his screams.
  3. @Welshy Can you please lock this thread.
  4. Basil


    @Emerald You aint seen shit yet boi
  5. About dam time Wolf, what about that game of league ? Ps, this post is quite wholesome. I feel honoured to be a member of this community.
  6. Yo i think its time to bring back the fam @Bailey @Jye. Edit note: Realised Stewart was publicly beaten then killed by 4-6 Walkers. Ps good story idiot
  7. Found this pretty kick ass fan film while i was browsing you-tube. Thought you guys will probably enjoy it. Make sure to give these guys some love, they put a lot of effort into it.
  8. Basil


    o7 My friend Make sure to drop in every now and again.
  9. @Gregis Dont expect any freebies
  10. Im fine personally with most of the stuff stated above as long as they can accept in character punishments. The real issues with the credit systems is the fact that there isnt a way to remove credits from the economy passively.
  11. Seeing that your application has improved and there is now a second event added ill give you a fat +1, although you could still add more detail to your events, but i believe that this is (for now) satisfactory.
  12. lmao, what a glorious death it was. A tale of friends, betrayal, death and action.
  13. Hahahaha, these two have been playing roblox all week.
  14. Neutral Hello Khronos, i have no doubts you could become a great event master with some training and experience, as my interactions with you have been all great. What you wrote in your application is solid but you could make some improvements to the layout (Eg transfer your events to a Google doc). On another note you should make sure next time to 100% complete your applications before sending them as your application could be denied at any point if you dont upload that second event shortly. Once i see that second event uploaded and i will re-evaluate my response to your application. Best of luck - Basil
  15. Good to see you back my friend
  16. -1 leaning to a neutral You are a good bloke pendragon and i have no doubts that you can become a good event master, but you need to add a HUGE amount of detail to your application and your events as one sentence responses dont show any effort or thought. On the topic of your events, try to make something original and put significantly more detail as its the main area of critique when applying for an EM position. Besides that, once i see a huge improvement i will change my response as need be, whether thats to a neutral or a +1. Good luck my friend - Basil
  17. Good luck in future my friend, make sure to pop in and say hi once and awhile. Just remember that i am a better dueller then you
  18. @Ana If you can find at least 5 people who can confirm that they will be willing to sit down for a few hours at a time to set up and play this game and show a continued interest ill make a second group. Once you do this i will organise a schedule for the game, most likely once a fortnight either 12-3pm or 7-10pm. Join this discord, and state you wish to be apart of the second group. https://discord.gg/y3ZEpTA.
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