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  1. You made me and @Bailey like Arch enemies hahahaha
  2. If you have any room, i am more then interested.
  3. Oh i have awaited this day for far to long! Finally my ears are graced by Rickles subtle charms and coercive voice. (For real though @Rickle you must grace me with your voice at some point)
  4. Thanks @Cecil for this gem hahaha. @Jye
  5. Hello Bailey, I'd like to personally thank you for such a warm welcome. Whilst it is sad to hear that many of the Wintohs are still missing, I'm glad you have the company of those that remain. And with the room make sure you leave enough room on a shelf so that I can place my sub sub janitorial plaques. Now I believe that I will be joining you on the "clone wars" factory, where I will apply (following the correct procedures) for the highly renowned position of Event Master, given time of course. And of course I would like to congratulate you for your promotion. So with that I
  6. Im probably going to apply for EM again given time @Wingza. Got regain some trust though
  7. Better update your Teamspeak channels description boi im back.
  8. Hey so after a few months away from the server a lot has changed,i have school managed pretty efficiently and i have my own apartment and life is looking hella good. So i decided to return to Imperial Gaming and rejoin this wonderful community and see some old faces @Cecil @Bailey @Jye @Wolf @Welshy @Rad_Cop @Splonter @Rickle Kronos @John and so many others. So i was thinking about which server is best to join, The Clone wars server or the classic Imperial server, any thoughts?
  9. My favourite moment in Imperial Gaming was when i first joined the server. On my first day i had no clue what to do, nor did i have any understanding of the mechanics and systems in Star wars RP. But alas, i tried out for Chimaera squad which at the time was being led by captain @Gunjies and @Codyas Grand Admiral Thrawn, with @Rickle as his sith attachment. Some how i got in (I was told i was one of the worst people to try out that day) but alas i got in. From there it only got better as the boys joined, @Jye @Bailey @Jalex @Bene @Keith @Percival @Gregis @Ceciland so many more people. I could
  10. Man i am pretty sure that we are well acquainted considering how often i am uh.. "visiting" the brig.
  11. I am going to keep this real simple, i have decided to pretty much step out of the IG community to take more of a backseat role within it. So while i wont say that this is goodbye or you guys wont see me again, i am pretty much just saying that i wont be involved in this community to the same extent as i was in the past (Although i will be on the server for about an hour a night most of the weak to catch up and RP with you mad lads). The main reason i have decided to step back is as i will be going back into school again this year and am in the process (again) of moving out into the big bad wo
  12. Basil

    Gday, I'm Kurt.

    Nah man, look what the legend made for me.
  13. Everyday more and more evidence is piled onto your plate? And what do you do? You play dumb, make stupid excuses and dont own up. Address the issues, dont ignore them. I understand i already commented on this thread but this is disgusting. Seriously, i dont want to see you apart of this community as the Moderator team has to deal with once (And if ) You get un-banned. Not only that, you are unbelievably toxic to people on your own ban appeal.
  14. NEUTRAL. Need to fix up your applications detail, and presentation. Once you do that i would be more then happy to change my response.
  15. Basil

    Hello There

    As Splonter said, well spoken.
  16. Well considering what has happened tonight is no secret. I wish to put out an olive branch and welcome you all personally, i hope that our community can thrive and overcome past disagreements and solve any issues that are far in the past. Whilst i can never truly understand the exact issues or how extensive they where in the past , i would like to apologise. But at the end of the day one post cant fix all the issues, i hope that people from both communities are willing to move on, as I think that this is a good chance for our communities to reconcile and thrive as one community. I am quite sur
  17. Im sure it can be discussed with management and Sterling.
  18. 7th Sky Corps The 7th Sky Corps was a division of the Grand Army of the Republics elite Clone trooper army. The 7th Sky Corps was under the collective command of both Clone Marshal Commander CC-2224 "Cody" and the High Jedi General Obi-wan Kenobi. The 7th Sky Corps on the IG Clone-wars server will include the following sub-divisions, the 212th Attack battalion, the 2nd Airborne Company, the 212th ARF troopers (Advanced Recon Forces) and the 23rd Medical Company. If you wish to gain a position among the ranks of the 7th Sky Corps please contact either myself (Basil) or Cody (aka. Grand Adm
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