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    Shid @Rad_Cop @Delta we need to hide the Anime girls and our Needle launchers
  2. @Bailey was probably one of my top 5 moments on the server.
  3. Probably the mingiest thing I have done on the server was when I sued the Grand Moff for failure to follow WHS codes after I was arrested for suspected high treason as Stewart Blackmore. @Bailey was my attorney and @buckhop6 as on of the victims of the WHS violation when he was injured in a thermal detonater explosion. Was no surprise I was PKed within the following days by getting beaten by the entire server then shot to death by 6 Walkers after a failed assassination attempt on the Grand Moff. Or the time me and @Jye stole all the fruit from the ISD and claimed it for the
  4. Basil

    hypo's ban appeal

    I stand with Siege here, all i have heard about you is bad things even with the points you bring up its very hard to ignore what you have done, whilst . So i am going to have to drop a -1 due to the fact that i personally dont think its worth the risk of unbanning someone as dangerous as you with you history. Although with that said i feel like it would be far more suitable for you to have you ban reduced instead of outright denied.
  5. This is getting out of hand! Surrender the monthly posts to me!
  6. Ill miss yah man, marauders isnt the same without you dude.
  7. Bruh we out here about to start an IG tournament with the amount of people that play league now
  8. Just want to leave this here. Trailer Looks pretty cool, its also free so no harm in that. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/rebel-galaxy/home @Bailey @Jye
  9. The situation could have been dealt with a whole lot smoother by the staff in question to be fair, as to some people it could seem inappropriate even though it is a joke. The staff in question could of had a more professional stance in the situation to stop it from escalating to how big it was. But the fact of the matter is that you seem to be starting theses problems and creating this drama from the small situations and turning them into an even greater issue by having a fit because your not seeming to get the attention you so desire . From my few interactions from you on the server you seem
  10. @Wolf @Cecil @Denzham @Rook @Jye
  11. So to all those in the community that play league of legends I have but a simple question to ask of you. Do you think it's ok to not buy boots on Yuumi? Is it ethical? What are the economic benefits of such a decision?
  12. I uh have all my money from my HK days.. Yeah. Lots of money.
  13. Played and finished this game, its one of those games like "What remains of Edith Finch" With its environmental story telling and puzzles.
  14. This is getting out of hand @Jye, you need to find more free games and take down @Bailey from his #1 spot.
  15. Jye the Reputation thief. Robbing poor @Bailey of his much needed Upvotes
  16. I'd want to be in the world of bleach not gonna lie
  17. Man this is actually quite sad
  18. So with the 10th Anniversary of Mine-craft i decided to pay for an MC server for everyone to mess around with and have fun. No rules no limits do what you want. It probably wont be up for any longer then a month unless people are still playing it. So yeah go wild. PS. You need to install a modpack called Infinity Evolved to play https://discord.gg/9yybzqT IP:
  19. Pretty nice lad. Good work
  20. Is that a threat @Cecil lad? Come one square up fool, your status as one of the Boys has been officially revoked until you accept my challenge. Ill even allow you to choose the game. You have until 18/05/19 to accept.
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