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  1. Can we keep this on topic of Kristopher
  2. Staff member: Senior Event master Kristopher In Game Rank: Assistant Chief Arathilion So today i was sent this from a friend (See below) and i am quite sure not much else needs to be said. I hope something is done about this as i think this is appalling from someone recently promoted to a Senior staff position (after being demoted in the past from the same position) Innocent people are being kicked in character due to an out of character situation. With that said i'm sure there is a document or an agreement saying that they are eligible to be kicked if any information about ISB is leaked but in a situation like this its just wrong, the person who took the screenshot did the right thing with stepping forward with this evidence. " <18:14:33> "Kristofer (Arathilion .X)" pokes you: What can I say, I openly express my opinion. " @Rook @Cecil @Jman1308 @zaspan
  3. Just going to leave this here as to continue the time honoured traditions of our people. Hyper Light Drifter Played this one alot on my xbox, is so bloody good. Some people say its got a 2d zelda feel and i sort of agree but it's more of a metroidvania bullet hell. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/hyper-light-drifter/home Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/mutant-year-zero/home
  4. I have nothing but positivity for Julius and his application, he is excellent at Roleplay and is as creative and imaginative as some of our best EM team members, with some of the ideas he has thrown past me in the past only proving to me his drive towards the community with his desire to join the EM team. It would be a shame to see an candidate such as him to be wasted when the EM team could use some fresh blood. So im going to be dropping the fattest +1 for julius. -Best of luck (And i'm assuming you just haven't pulled down your santos application and are going to immediately after reading this thread)
  5. Basil

    (Fourm Closed)

    I feel like this is a sh*tpost not going to lie, but giving you the benefit of the doubt you still need evidence to take out a staff report. This is an issue that could have been resolved by simply poking Cecil on the TS server.
  6. @Ragdig hook me up dude
  7. Basil


    Shid @Rad_Cop @Delta we need to hide the Anime girls and our Needle launchers
  8. @Bailey was probably one of my top 5 moments on the server.
  9. Probably the mingiest thing I have done on the server was when I sued the Grand Moff for failure to follow WHS codes after I was arrested for suspected high treason as Stewart Blackmore. @Bailey was my attorney and @buckhop6 as on of the victims of the WHS violation when he was injured in a thermal detonater explosion. Was no surprise I was PKed within the following days by getting beaten by the entire server then shot to death by 6 Walkers after a failed assassination attempt on the Grand Moff. Or the time me and @Jye stole all the fruit from the ISD and claimed it for the Emperor. Back when @Cecil was an EM.
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