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  1. Cant wait to unwrap my shiny E-11 that i wished for
  2. You can count me in im the best Nunu OCE. Ask @Cecil or @Bailey
  3. When are Grand Admiral Tryouts?
  4. Clearly you haven't ever had Carls Jr. They have the best chilli fries, although admittedly eating them feels like I am lowering my lifespan by a significant amount.
  5. Wishing you the best in future Wolf, you happened to be a good friend and an even better owner despite having to deal with people like me. Its sad to see you step down after such a long run but you have left it with a very capable pair of hands. Although before i scurry back to wherever i hide i just want to thank you for all your hard work, dedication and wisdom you have given over the years. Once again i am wishing you the best in future Goodbye Wolf
  6. Didnt expect to get a blast of nostalgia, its good to remember the glory days of when i first joined the server. Cs was hype with you and the rest of the boys, i doubt that i will forget for quite some time. Thanks for sharing @Bailey
  7. I sit here and agree with Jye, both groups had their own oopsies in this report but nothing in particular is outrageous from either parties in question. The issue in my opinion is the divide between a staff member and a users abilities in rp do do an action (Breach a door with a lightsaber or stealing an item from an armoury). For example, an inquisitor breaching the door would not be weird from an RP perspective (Using the force to destroy the door or using his lightsaber to breach it) but from an in game mechanical standpoint its almost impossible for a user to do the same thing a member of
  8. I completely understand and agree with all your responses to my post. I wish i could give you a better reason to trust me but i understand that with the chances i have been given in the past have been blown by me and my immaturity, indecision and general misconduct. Im fully aware that I am asking a lot but to be given another chance but i promise to everyone that I am fully committed to proving myself to the community again if given the chance to do so as all i want to do is prove that i have learnt from my actions.
  9. Steam Details Steam Name: Amon Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:148362166 Steam Profile link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/4mon/ In Game Details In Game Name: Amon (Basil) In Game Rank: Private In Game Regiment: Storm Trooper Ban Details https://gyazo.com/06e310edff16bd06c35dc51e4913d71f Previous bans ( Perma bann for Alting| REMOVED) (Temp ban for MRDM | Upgraded to perm) How long was the ban for: Permanently Banned Which staff member banned you: Kumo What date did the ban occur: 17/09/2019 What was the reason for t
  10. Ill take that and give you my thanks @Bailey, sorry i missed the awards ceremony had a thing on.
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