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  1. I am glad that someone has finally talked about this, I myself can relate to this. When someone calls you a minge its hard to break the barrier between becoming better. People will automatically assume if they see you, that you are trouble and as such treat as someone who has no future or importance in the community. Obviously there are some who are just straight up not there to RP at all. But for someone who was intrigued as I was about Star wars and becoming of some importance having someone to look up to and try to impress really does give you a wake up call. I have gotten to a stage where I can see the quality of the experience I get from minging compared to playing how this server is meant to played. I am just glad that I was given a chance to become a better person, a player of this community to enrich the server with what I have to offer. And that I wasn't discarded like the rest of the people who don't get that wake up call and are never seen again. Basically what I am trying to say is find someone who you can look up too and make a friendship with. Try and impress them and then prove to others that you aren't the minge that you have been labeled as. Show that you can change your behavior and your attitude for the better of yourself and everyone. And like that quote says (As cliche as it is). "What you put in is what you get out." Thank you Proto_Carl for finally bringing this to light and I hope that it can at least influence a couple of so called "Minges" for the better.
  2. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ASaltyKiwi/ RP: Salsa Mods?: Will tonight
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