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  1. This was just a prank. Im back
  2. NovaWubbz resignation I have been apart of the community for a while and played on almost all of the Imperial Gaming servers that the community had to offer, but sadly like everything else things either come down to a end. my time in this community has been one truly amazing and wont forget about it, also thanks to everyone who has helped me through obstacles and barriers and helped me through rough times in need, thank you everyone in Imperial Gaming and I hope your day be as wonderful as ever. Hope your day is good and mine is to *Stares behind me with a smile*
  3. also with the whole idea that we try it on another sever it wouldn't work simply because we would devide the community in between each server and end up with maybe both servers constantly on low pop and if we were to switch back or to clone wars our community base would decrease dramatically = RIP imperialGaming
  4. Well, there goes half of the meme's in the community
  5. *picks up mic and gives back*
  6. Dragz I hope you have a happy time doing what ever your doing now and best of luck love Nova ;-; pretty lit
  7. NovaWubbz


    Poptropica all serous tho maybe War Thunder
  8. NovaWubbz

    IG Logo/Wallpaper

    I actually tried on this one
  9. I agree with @Cody and think the current ones look better
  10. +1 Would look nice and also is the forums can be updated with all the new staff that would be nice as I see new staff come in and a week later they aren't seen on the forums as a staff
  11. Speeding up Events This will be going over something that I recon could speed up the process of building and setting up Events. Back when i was a Event Master on Military RP, during Events if we needed to we would ask staff members (admin side) to help build the Event because of how much building or setting up there needs to be done, but because of the permissions that moderators got all they could do was build. BUT on Starwars RP the permissions are better and can help building the Events. As most of the people reading this right now, waiting in line in front of a screen for a long
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