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  1. is it time to come back to the server? @John and be the washed out GI
  2. These are all free to add to your account and keep on the Steam Store; Deal expires on March 24th. Tomb Raider Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris Drawful 2 Deiland Headsnatchers Goat Of Duty Have fun!
  3. I clicked this post thinking it was another standard anti suicidal post (which is always good to preach) This post gave me chills thinking of your current situation, from those 400 days in Sith where we would stay up late just messing around and having fun, to reading this post, Shows that times can change and how fast a descent can be. Helsing you were always my great friend and someone I looked up to because you were always there for us and the server. Dealing with depression is a hard war that only ends with friends and family around you, you cant fight the war on your own, Im glad that you
  4. Name: Born Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198272104842/ Playtime: 10 Weeks+ Which Game Would You Want to Win?: Cyberpunk 2049 (Steam Wishlist) Anything Else You'd Like to Add?" Im washed out at dueling
  5. Hmm... Who will get support member of the year
  6. can you take a screen shot of console when you timeout. Your computer may also be running out of memory (RAM) if your on a laptop which would be the result of a lot of addons, you can test this by having task manager open and have the performance to see if your capping your max ram output when you load into the server. the only way to help that is to remove a few addons to try and lower down your RAM usage.
  7. Well this is more of a concept of a design as the logos are low quality as i don't have access to the originals but this design should get the point across. <3
  8. Goodbye Carnifex We have had a few good laughs (mainly at me cos im stupid) but overall it has been an amazing expiriance getting to know you, as a royal rep and the Inquisitor troops commander and as a staff member. I can say that you had a major impact on me while i was on the server and most likely on other people too. You will be dearly missed and I hope you will make a return some day. good luck with your future. ~ Born
  9. Just hop into their ts channel and they will help.
  10. it has been an amazing journey to become good friends and going through Sith together, I hope you have had a great impact on the community as you have done to me, Enjoy your future and next time I will win that Rocket League game. ~Born
  11. Well it has been over a year and I have made a lot of friends and also became Emperor surprisingly but everything has to come to an end and this is where ill take off, I cant be bothered writing about everyone on the server because everyone was a good friend and a happy face to talk to and I will miss everyone. I will most likely come back but I don't know when but when I do the New Sith have to keep their eye out because ill be taking a spot. Thank you for Everything and this Community is amazing -Born
  12. I believe Galen Erso at the time was Whitey
  13. +1 Active Known in the Community Well Formatted Application Lot of Detail in Application Trustworthy
  14. - The Simpsons Hit & Run - Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath Of Cortex, Twinsanity and Nitro Cart - MW1 & MW2 - Halo 3, Halo 4 - Counter Strike Source
  15. ACCEPTED @Carnifex Can you move this
  16. ACCEPTED @Carnifex Can you move this
  17. ACCEPTED @Carnifex Can you move this
  18. Nooooo... Who will i make memes about now ;-;... Bye Emerald, Hope you had a great experience and continue to talk to your friends from Imperial. Hope you have a good break and maybe you will come back. They always do... o7
  19. wait who are you? Never seen you on before Welcome to IG
  20. o7, Didnt really know you well but I hope you enjoy and good luck in the future
  21. Born

    So yeah

    Its Sad to see you go basil, those late nights playing random games and all of the times we totally played DND but otherwise hope you enjoy yourself and do well in school and I can't wait to see you around again soon <3 o7
  22. @Carnifex Actually Did Some Support o.0
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