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  1. Since Tinky became a legion commander he has hosted a variety of events for my regiment and other which I have quite enjoyed. Despite not knowing him personally I can already tell he is genuine bloke and would make a lovely addition to the event team. btw over the past month or two we have had a severe lack of events. In game he will always look out for others and will always say hello if he see's you around.

    +1 for you tinky

  2. I think we could use this "Event Server" for larger events and personalised regimental events whilst still having smaller events on the main server. The only problems with this is:

    1. Would people actually be bothered to join another server purely for an event

    2. Would it actually get approved by management?

    3,  Would enough players actually join for the event?

    4. @Mongo Posted Sunday at 12:41 AM

    As great  as this might be part of the reason Clone wars shut down was due  to  from  what wolf explained to  us that the Imperial Server and the Clone Wars server  would  collide and  imperial would cause cw  map changes to crash and  cw would cause  imperial map changes  to crash and  vice versa 

    assuming we would require the a server as optimized  as imperial to run  these events we would  have to host the event server  on  the same dedi and  that  would  cause the  issue that  Imperial and Clonewars had  against  each  other.

    Normally clone wars was offered to be held on a game server rather than a dedi but  at the end of the day  that  wont  cut it for the event server if this idea was to come together

    So in my eyes it's highly unlikely this  would be implemented due to the  issues it may cause.


    This is a good idea, In my eyes I just don't see this happening in the near future




  3. On 3/26/2019 at 2:43 PM, Mongo said:

    I have also seen similar pacs like the wheelchair on pastebin.

    I doubt it would be his own as making a public paste for your own/friends use would be and should be unlisted like mine are.

    Important thing to note; this paste was uploaded April 22nd 2017; so it is most certainly not his.



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