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  1. 9 hours ago, yeff said:


    Storm is someone who is very self aware, and generally mature in how he approaches situations. During my second time joining the server, he was serving as a WOI, despite previously having achieved higher roles within the Regiment as he had the maturity to step down from the role while his activity had decreased. This along with his reasons for applying, make it clear for me that he is applying for the benefit of others rather than for his own interests. I'd also like to say, that while storm has occasionally participated within RP that is a bit more on the silly side, he has always been serious whenever it is needed. While the admittance that has difficulties talking to larger groups of people could be a potential issue, I have confidence that storm would be able to deal with this and greatly assist the EM team while putting on some truly creative events.

    +1 I have known storm for well over a year and storm is an excellent candidate for event master, he has helped me write up a few 501st events and I'm looking forward to seing him be an eventmaster. I agree he does do little bits of silly RP but is always is able to tone it in when necessary.

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    • Steam Name:
      [IG] Trackermanpro
    • SteamID32:
    • Steam Profile Link:
    • In Game Name:
      |501st| CT-2919 "Pro"
    • Time Played Imperial RP:
      14 weeks, 1 days, 14 hours
    • Time Played Imperial RP Evidence
    • Have you had any warns (If so state them)?
      I have a total of 2 warnings on the server, one for disconnecting to avoid arrest (27th of June 2019) and the second one for fail RP (10th of July 2019) I received these warnings because I was messing around and not taking the roleplay on this server seriously, however in the past year after these warnings I have actively taken more responsibility with my role on the server and haven’t received any warnings since.
    • Have you had any bans (If so state them)?
      I haven’t received any bans in this community.
    • Have you been staff on any other servers or communities (If so state them)?
      I have never been staff on any other communities but I am very keen on learning the ropes and I believe that I am a quick learner.
    • What do you believe is the purpose of Moderators on the server?
      I believe the job of moderator is to help keep the server in order, to be there if members of the community require assistance and to help make the server a safe positive environment for everyone to enjoy and roleplay. Moderators must pander to a variety of demands from the player base whether its giving someone tools to build dupes with, to warning someone from RDM.
    • Why are you applying to be a Trial Moderator?
      I am applying to be trial moderator because I would like to help out the community that I have gotten to know and enjoy to a higher level. As previous Vader’s Fist commander and now IHC, I would like to take the next step in accepting more responsibility towards this server. I am friendly, responsible and approachable. In my time, staff members have created a safe community for people all ages to participate and expand their roleplay abilities and I would like continue the legacy.
    • What do you believe you can bring to the staff team?
      I believe I can bring a positive attitude and a warm helping hand to those that need it. I am always open for conversation and very approachable. On the staff team I will be available to talk and help out as much as possible when needed. As a member of the imperial gaming staff team I believe I can promise activity and to be a fair moderator.
    • Someone Mass RDM’s and disconnects from the server. What do you do?
      As a trial moderator I would straight away go through logs and confirm that the player involved actually killed them, then I would contact one of the victims and see if any malicious intent was behind the killings. If there was, I would warn the player for Mass RDM/ Disconnect to avoid arrest. As a trial moderator I would then contact a higher staff member to see if the punishment was fair and if a further temporary ban was required.
    • Someone is bullying another member of the community. What do you do?
      I would individually contact each person in private via TeamSpeak or discord and get both parties involved and ask them to report their side of the story and to present evidence of the bullying, this may also include talking to witnesses. After assessing the situation, I would discuss it with the perpetrator and give them a warn for Player Disrespect, making sure they know it’s not okay to bully other players. I would also monitor both individuals for the next few days/weeks to make sure the situation has been resolved. I would also let the victim know that they can always report to staff if they have any more issues.
    • You see a higher ranking staff member abuse their powers. What do you do?
      Using my recording software, I would try to collect as much evidence as possible, without being seen by the staff member abusing their power and present it to the staff manager or even the owner and let them know of the situation.
    • Someone threatens to DDOS the server. what do you do?
      Using my recording software, I would gather as much footage of the individual claiming this as possible. I would contact a higher member of staff and let them know of the situation and ask if a harsher punishment is required. Then warning the person/s involved and letting them know that DDOSing is a criminal offence.
    • Terms & Conditions
    • Steam Name:
      [IG] Trackermanpro
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  2. +1 all the way. Prophet/Archon has great ideas and I would love to see him as an EM. From running DND to writting up Sith events that I have participated in. 

    Trustworthy guy and deserves it :) 

    - application is well written and worded

    - Event ideas are structured and sound interesting

    Goodluck prophet 


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  3. On 7/8/2020 at 5:40 PM, Angus said:

    BIG +1 

    From what i have seen Yeff is mature, creative and a nice guy. Your detail in your app is great. You have been around for a while. Good with RP (as seen by Kallus). Your events look really nice and well thought out Event 1 is nice and unique, Event 2 is good. 

    All in all this guy is a ledgend well deserving of TEM 

    +1 love ya yeff :)

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  4. On 7/13/2020 at 2:55 PM, Twist said:

    +1, Verstappen is obviously a trusted member of the community due to his extensive history on the server as well as his previous staff experience. As well as that Verstappen pretty much taught me everything I know about PAC 


  5. 27 minutes ago, Dax said:

    dont forgest the poor people with Z miniguns, they cost a shit ton 

    but in all seriousness I not against the the ammo, i just think give us more when we spawn in or make the ammo cheaper

    Tempted to sell the z4 right now. I have to ask a heavy for ammo if I want to use it

  6. Hello storm,

    We have been through a lot together, through thick and thin and there is doubt about it, that you are kind and truly genuine dude. I really do believe that you are trusted enough for this and that you don't get enough gratitude that you deserve.

    However, Your ideas do lack a little bit of grammar/punctuation and they could use a little bit more detail. Perhaps just re-read and spell check them

    -Event 1 could you a bit more detail but sounds interesting

    -Event 2 is a bit better than event one but could use the same adjustments as event 1

    -Event 3 is a lot better but it could still use a bit of work on grammar and shit.


    OVERALL these events seem quite interesting but they could use a bit of work. Storm I know if you put your mind to it you can get this done in no time.

    I'll give u a +1 just get these fixed up ASAP

    Love pro


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