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  1. +1 from having Yeff in VF to seeing him roleplay in both Sith and ISB, showed me how dedicated he was to the roleplay. I like the look of your events and they are structured. Others have summed up your application very well and I love too see you as an event master soon. Goodluck
  2. +1 I have known storm for well over a year and storm is an excellent candidate for event master, he has helped me write up a few 501st events and I'm looking forward to seing him be an eventmaster. I agree he does do little bits of silly RP but is always is able to tone it in when necessary.
  3. Steam Name: [IG] Trackermanpro SteamID32: STEAM_0:1:200569673 Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/trackermanpro3/ In Game Name: |501st| CT-2919 "Pro" Time Played Imperial RP: 14 weeks, 1 days, 14 hours Time Played Imperial RP Evidence Have you had any warns (If so state them)? I have a total of 2 warnings on the server, one for disconnecting to avoid arrest (27th of June 2019) and the second on
  4. +1 all the way. Prophet/Archon has great ideas and I would love to see him as an EM. From running DND to writting up Sith events that I have participated in. Trustworthy guy and deserves it - application is well written and worded - Event ideas are structured and sound interesting Goodluck prophet
  5. searched the entire area and could not find it
  6. yeah back then ISC models looked whack
  7. Congrats on 3 years, Enjoyed these late night valorant sesions and 501st joint operations with you.
  8. Cya man, enjoy yourself Sad to see you go
  9. Have a good one chief! You will be missed
  10. All I can say is another win for the 501st
  11. Good to see you again Kamelieon!
  12. Tempted to sell the z4 right now. I have to ask a heavy for ammo if I want to use it
  13. +1 Maus has created some beautiful artwork here also I have bought commissions off her and she has always met the deadlines. +1 +1 +1
  14. Minecraft name: Trackermanpro
  15. can we get the item spawns removed from inside the 501st bunks
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