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  1. Tempted to sell the z4 right now. I have to ask a heavy for ammo if I want to use it
  2. Minecraft name: Trackermanpro
  3. can we get the item spawns removed from inside the 501st bunks
  4. Pro

    The new guy

    Welcome bendless, looking forward to meeting you
  5. I think we could use this "Event Server" for larger events and personalised regimental events whilst still having smaller events on the main server. The only problems with this is: 1. Would people actually be bothered to join another server purely for an event 2. Would it actually get approved by management? 3, Would enough players actually join for the event? 4. @Mongo Posted Sunday at 12:41 AM As great as this might be part of the reason Clone wars shut down was due to from what wolf explained to us that the Imperial Server and the Clone Wars server wou
  6. Pro


    Good luck with your future endeavors
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