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  1. Before anyone starts getting mad or criticising this post, this post is purely about who is interested in Army High Command inside and outside the branch of army. As some of you may know AHC haven't been doing so well lately so we have decided to look for outside options for the next best suitable candidate. If you think you are interested in AHC, complete the form below with as much detail as possible. You must be a minimum of Chief Warrant Officer equivilant in any branch. Just so it's clear, I'm not making applications. If you are interested in AHC and if we think you are potenti
  2. @Mouse you got this
  3. Best of luck mandor, it has been a pleasure being mates. I enjoyed you being my CO and even being your CO for a while. Best of luck with uni and hopefully we can catch up soon
  4. happy birthday prophet

  5. I completely agree Galle and I’m appalled that this got approved. I think there is a lack of communication between management and the community. I don’t know how this got approved.
  6. They have literally received the 2nd most event placements on the server out of all army regiments.
  7. I 100% agree that the removal of sky is a bad decision. Sky has been doing really well right now. I don’t see how a perfectly good regiment should be removed from the server without the approval from all of skys current members and IHC. I know for a fact that myself and noni disagree with this decision. Removing sky seems be the biased and replacing it with a new regiment and commander. replacing a good ACO of an active regiment and not even consulting all members of IHC and SKY first, seems like a mistake. I wasn’t given a say in this and I’m glad someone made a forums post.
  8. boop da boop

    1. Mouse


      bibbidi bobbidi boo

  9. Very wholesome and a different pace from the previous competitions. I like it
  10. +1 Also I played some games with him a month or two ago and he seems like a nice fella
  11. So close to christmas

  12. It's great to have you back aldwin. I still remember when you were in EVO and NOVA and all the good times we had. It's good of you to own up to your mistakes and I hope you will get back on track for that grand general position you have always wanted. Come find me sometime and we can have a chat. ~peace out
  13. 439th Medical Company Commander Applications are Open Pre-Requisites for applying: You must currently hold Clearance Level 3+ or previously held CL4 on the server. Applications close at 12pm on the 25th of November If you are accepted you will be recieve the rank of captain regardless of your current rank. Link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1UbYK3rOqMpmuliAX-BsKIIATXHmDAFjifA5lfBr2FHk/edit?usp=sharing Best of luck to everyone who applied.
  14. i know some of these aren't that old or removed regiments but still had to remisce on the old days and simpler times.
  15. Pro

    Leaky's Ban Appeal.

    Misahu was the grand inquisitor
  16. Congrats @Lucky, you clearly have largest brain in the community.
  17. Pro


    How is that even possible?
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