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  1. @Mouse you got this
  2. Storm is a very dedicated and passionate person and when he puts his effort in something it always turns out well. I'm happy to call storm my friend and I know he will do well in this position, he is creative, intelligent and hard working. Storm puts a lot of effort into making dupes for others and it something he is really good at. This is his 3rd time applying for trial eventmaster and that just goes to show how commited he is for this position. Hope you get the position storm <3
  3. Best of luck mandor, it has been a pleasure being mates. I enjoyed you being my CO and even being your CO for a while. Best of luck with uni and hopefully we can catch up soon
  4. happy birthday prophet

  5. I completely agree Galle and I’m appalled that this got approved. I think there is a lack of communication between management and the community. I don’t know how this got approved.
  6. They have literally received the 2nd most event placements on the server out of all army regiments.
  7. I 100% agree that the removal of sky is a bad decision. Sky has been doing really well right now. I don’t see how a perfectly good regiment should be removed from the server without the approval from all of skys current members and IHC. I know for a fact that myself and noni disagree with this decision. Removing sky seems be the biased and replacing it with a new regiment and commander. replacing a good ACO of an active regiment and not even consulting all members of IHC and SKY first, seems like a mistake. I wasn’t given a say in this and I’m glad someone made a forums post.
  8. boop da boop

    1. Mouse


      bibbidi bobbidi boo

  9. The photos you have attached look really interesting, it is very creative and unique. I like the different concepts and designs you have for different models and it looks great. I have known you for a while and I'm sure you won't abuse it (if you do I will slap you). Keep up the great pacs and fingers crossed you get approved +1
  10. Very wholesome and a different pace from the previous competitions. I like it
  11. +1 Also I played some games with him a month or two ago and he seems like a nice fella
  12. +1 Can't say this enough, craig is the best person to join the event team full stop. Craig is one of the kindest men i have the oppotunity of knowing, together we have spent months getting to know each other and he has shown me how dedicated and hard working he truly is and what measures he will strive to achieve if he wants something done. He is a true legend and has proven it countless times such as making VF the best regiment on the server by providing it with fresh role play ideas, enjoyable training sessions and assisting anyone who needed help no matter what. Not to mention he wa
  13. So close to christmas

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