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  1. Hey I can atleast be up in the sky for 1 minute before the LFS laat takes to much damage

  2. me be liking LOA's ngl

  3. My son you are finally going back to the path of greatness that you were once on.
  4. my skin everytime I go there yea nah im good fam you can suffer when you go there
  5. Join Vader's Fist today | T-21 E-11T | Frontline trooper | Serve by Lord Vader | Join the 501st legion today !P Storm if interested 1 slot remains. Be a gamer and join today we only wish that you love each other.
  6. Could you tell me what VF trooper who did this and tell me in dms please.
  7. are you trying to make me die. Also for the 30 hp boost I still don't like the idea of people being able to pay to gain extra hp.
  8. It seems that the vader's fist regiment needs to flex again on third floor soon. @Mouse It's our time again we must rise up and flex.
  9. inhaling gas in the science room rn

  10. no bad go back into your naughty corner
  11. can't wait to get a 501st cat cage

  12. my immersion is ruined they have first order weapons.
  13. hmmmm wet soup you say *lewd mind activates*
  14. shitposts are the ways of living.

  15. I forgot what this was it was either French or German but hello
  16. change my mind Elon Musk is the saviour

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