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Status Updates posted by Storm

  1. can't wait to get a 501st cat cage

  2. shitposts are the ways of living.

  3. change my mind Elon Musk is the saviour

  4. I'm allergic to cats and I hate it

  5. I saw a person get abused in the reactor room today

  6. well shit my class time table be kinda broken tho

  7. about to kill some simps

  8. /me wants to smell the E-11T

  9. I started to play with my mask at school but I flinged it into my eyes by accdient. ;-;

  10. hmmmm the floor is floor

  11. Also it gives me a reason to post something so people want me dead more often.

  12. sacifirce normal humans to the blood god of the catgirls

  13. /me thinks catgirl clone army

  14. I want theta's legs then

  15. Just looked at some people in the bathroom and they ran off and called me a special ed kid

    1. Storm


      they looked at me

    2. Clababsos


      if you aren't special ed, then i reckon you're fine.

    3. Hamish
    4. Show next comments  3 more
  16. I regret my decisions of making a long power point since I have to present it to 40 people soon #savemeplease #I'llbeyourslaveif youdo 

  17. Pro pig called beacon got killed by bad pirates in sea of thieves #ripbeacon

  18. Currently last clone in VF #Donate more clones

  19. I think we should make a law that BHS can't kill catgirls

    1. Kristofer


      You mean a law that Bounty Hunters will get extra pay for killing them

    2. Storm
  20. shit I can't spell

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