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  1. well can't say i joined cuz i was interested mostly the group i was in Unturned/Rainbow Six Siege  was falling apart. Since for some reason we thought hey lets let a toxic person be the the leader of the group. Can't say it went well for me since i was pretty sh*t at both of the game so you know of course i got harassed since i was bad made fun of my voice still pissed about that. So one day i decided to try do RP it started on Unturned first. Saw Garry's mod on my brother steam library since we had the two accounts connected to each other so i tried. It out i played prison RP at first. Pretty sure the first sever i join was like Collosal or something like that i got mass promoted first time i joined. Then i stopped playing for a whole. I went on IG when it was still on Rishi moon of course i was a mingy since i had no idea of what to do got stuck in about 4 sts when i got trained killed them all got warned ik im a idiot after two days i left. I don't know about two moths later i decided to join back still in the group and join when it was on the star destroyer or something. The group fell apart around that time since our leader Mikey/Yuko decided to try and pick on someone else didn't go so well though since he was better then him basically fell about at that time. The group memeber went on their on paths some stayed together some didn't. No one stayed with Mikey after that and that's pretty much how i joined IG.

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