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  1. I am small brain man so I keep this short, some rotation maps just either feel not completed/finished usually when on these it's kinda feels very unorganised on what people are meant to be doing in these large spaces.  Personally I just don't like when we go to maps that we are trapped in a base and we can't interact with civilians and mess around with that. Also, usually for core navy there isn't really anything for them to do most of the time. 

    Reasons why I hate the ISD it's literally a hallway simulator and when we ain't on the ship were on an undership that causes the server to lag but least it makes the enviroment different then being in gray hallways all the time. 



    I'm very small brain if this doesn't make any sense just saying



    45 minutes ago, Higashi said:

    Some regiments suffer more than others on rotation, and some don't change at all, e.g. ISC. Those are just my thoughts.

    ISC does change since the people in the actually tank troopers can actually do what they are meant to do and it's rare for them to be using land vehicles at all whilst on the ISD map. 

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  2. 5 minutes ago, Mythic said:

    Just to let u know this is for the darkrp mod app well I hope I put it in the right section lol like I said my swrp experience is completely diffrent

    This may be a DarkRP application but you showed me the way you act on Imperial and to be honest you were the worse. How are you meant to be staff on DarkRP server if you can't even act responsible on the main one. 

    Also I'm not replying anymore since it's not needed at all and plus I'd rather not make it look like a topic were two people just argue.


    I already knew this was a Darkrp I can tell from the lack of questions needed for it


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  3. -1

    Met you in Navy not the best interactions I had also your behaviour wasn't very good either. You've also only been around the server for around one to three weeks as well. 


  4. 12 hours ago, Binny said:




    The fact that you can't even be bothered doing the minimum standard such as word count doesn't exactly show you to be responsible. Also downvoting people going against is basically saying you are immature. 


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  5. 11 hours ago, Mongo said:


    Application is severely lacking detail and is poorly written,

    I have no idea who you are and have never interacted with you so I cannot gauge how you would suit a staff position.

    -1 It's pretty lacking to be honest

  6. 23 minutes ago, Mauler said:

    Yeah dunno if you realised, but this server is pretty much a revival of the Poseidon DarkRP but under the IG Nametag. Hopefully it can live up to it.

    Reasons why I don’t give my opinions out Anymore tbh since I know nothing.


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  7. 11 minutes ago, Delta said:


    • Just came back
    • still stuck in Vic
    • Minge
    • Past experience 
    • Sub par rper
    • Knows the tricks of the trade and how to please people 

    Came right back and asked me for a co position immediately 

    the balls on this guy


    dude but I live in Vic as well

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