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  1. Join the movement to put a restraining order on Kamelieon today :Pray:

    1. Augustus


      Was waiting for this day to come

    2. Kamelieon


      WHAT THE! @Storm it is time you die
      Looking at my test score is like being kicked in the face - Imgflip

  2. hmmmm I might as well just start throwing bombs at them now on third floor.
  3. @yeffDon't worry I put you down for everything
  4. go back into your hole of old people profanity is only for edgy people
  5. yes the one last thing I need to get rid of my xp level do it
  6. they always come back mostly but freedom is freedom
  7. shepard deserves to be kept in a kennel

    1. Shepard


      Love me plz Storm <3

  8. retirement village moments killing all the old people
  9. Hitting people with ships by accident
  10. time to watch people stay on the server for 24 hours again
  11. I am small brain man so I keep this short, some rotation maps just either feel not completed/finished usually when on these it's kinda feels very unorganised on what people are meant to be doing in these large spaces. Personally I just don't like when we go to maps that we are trapped in a base and we can't interact with civilians and mess around with that. Also, usually for core navy there isn't really anything for them to do most of the time. Reasons why I hate the ISD it's literally a hallway simulator and when we ain't on the ship were on an undership that causes the server to lag b
  12. Storm

    How to: Drugs!

    smh fivem person
  13. I think @Ernest-Wang needs that
  14. Storm

    been a hot minute

    its not PAC abuse if he gets robbed
  15. catgirl religion confirmed
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