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  1. It was fun though when the server was a thing
  2. how does one play overwatch?

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    2. Sinatra


      After last night you're banned

    3. Miracle
    4. Cal


      Storm I'll carry you I got to gold as a Hanzo main

  3. But dad I don't wanna be a deafult st and get one shot in the foot and die instantly
  4. pfft kill the ones who can't deal with a rotation since they have a fetish for the ISD map
  5. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm you got nekos?
  6. you weird if you use storm trooper skins
  7. I've lost count not that I actualy counted it to begin with
  8. me sitting in the corner here pretending I know what LGBTQ is ;-;
  9. ;-; my dungeon will not live for long
  10. dude I just wanna build my dungeon
  11. Reckon remove SK and ST and add back 6th army and CF can take shocks job
  12. Exams go bye bye again probably
  13. Sus bro what were you doing to them
  14. Literally happened three years ago I doubt anyone would remember much to be honest +1 for me
  15. questionable profile pics will show up hehe
  16. Why can't I fly and drive ;-;

  17. Someone decided to use an rpg in the reactor room and the ship went down btw since people are like that.
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