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  1. Spoken like a champ. Like, imagine if the server had proper outplay mechanics where troopers can actually out class event characters. How fun would that be. Although event characters should have somewhat of an advantage with health and weaponry we would still have a chance to kill them without getting absolutely destroyed.
  2. change the coding for each weapon I assume.
  3. It's fine if it isn't priority. I just thought it would make the server more enjoyable to play.
  4. Combat right now is pretty bad. The winner in a fight is basically based off what gun is better. Like aim means nothing as all you have to do is hit any part of the body to do full damage. however there is a addon that will reduce and increase damage on certain parts of players. The addon also adds a feature that allows players to shoot weapons out of other players hands (can be disabled.) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1156777490 I think its a great idea as players and regiments can earn reputation for being good at pvp rather than going "dude his E-11D is op
  5. Yoooooo like this genre of music, sounds a bit like punk. What instrument do you play?
  6. First off farewell to hammer, I hope everything goes well for him. This is a little meme I made of the best interaction between Tinky and hammer. Also can we get a meme section for the boys.
  7. @Ragetank instead of a perk system, perhaps there could be a training system where over time you increase your skills, for an example every shot increases the players accuracy slightly. Think of it realistically. just like in real life every time you attempt something you get better at it. Its a great idea for people to actively train too.
  8. Wasn't S&box gonna be the new gmod?
  9. plot twist, bible man is a thetacon baiting his squad
  10. You should record a gmod TV series of your stories lmao.
  11. If you're not lazy and want to save money I recommend using this website to buy cheaper parts or price match at your local computer store. website price matches all stores in Australia however you can change the location near the middle. http://www.staticice.com.au/
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