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  1. I recently re-joined engineers and found an old dupe I have of a sport I made up. I am wondering if the community would be interested in playing said sport type thing and making it a regimental tournament? I have been wanting to something like this for a while. We almost did it with CFP and doing the Olympics but that never happened.
  2. I feel the same. doesn't mater if its a INQ or a random high rank or EC with a ton of HP you shouldn't run it down and kill people cause that's not going to happen IRL or even in star wars it doesn't fit into roleplay. I think a good idea is the INQ are grouped up/assigned to regiments with troopers and act like a Jedi general in clone wars, with the blocking shots for the troopers and supporting them in situations. The INQ wouldn't have command over the regiment unless the commander gave them command, they would act more as support and wouldn't engage any EC's unless they are Saber wielders.
  3. -1 This Seemed way to rushed to me. You have no examples of PAC the only thing you have is some random workshop thing. Your answers to the questions are only one sentence and don't have any meat to them, everyone says the same thing you did more or less but they add more to it. You could of at least tried to make something in single player. maybe come back once you learn more of how to use PAC and have more to add to the questions. Not to mention the lack of time, also about the time that shows how much you have on Garry's mod as a whole not the server, unless you have only played on IG.
  4. Of course the key to winning why didn't we try this.
  5. No examples? Neutral For now staying Neutral for now until I see some examples also add more then 1 sentence in your answers
  6. Stuba

    CGI short film

    Only problem is its first order not empire. but apart from that its pretty cool
  7. Well I guess there is not point in replying -1 anymore From his Gateway app that got denied
  8. Twist at the end was great.
  9. When is the first hint going to be posted?
  10. +1 Seems like a great guy. haven't known him for long but from playing with him i think he could be great.
  11. Stuba

    Already fixed

    Regarding @Mongo's post looks like it is already fixed
  12. I wish this was real
  13. I have never seen you or interacted with you on the server if i meet you might plus one if you make a good impression on me. Neutral
  14. Stuba

    Shock's Punishment

    Ok interesting video
  15. I am guessing navy would have to do the same thing? But i don't know about the fireteam lead thing would work for navy. we don't do combat that much, most of navy sit on the on the bridge and do rp.
  16. That second picture is intresting...
  17. Name: Stuba Server Playtime: 1W 2D 3H Have you played Mount & Blade previously?: I played a ton of M&B Warband with 391 hours and i played NW on it with the 88th York Extra Info: Thanks for this opportunity
  18. Name: Stuba Steam Profile: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198119400346/ Server Playtime: 2d 14h Why do you want to receive a copy of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order?: been looking forward to this game since the reveal and i probably will play it non stop when i get it Anything else you'd like to add?: This is really cool of you to do this splonter thanks
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