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  1. oh no no no no, better be good fellas o.o Good post Cecil, you have made me proud
  2. Yeah i can't say I've prestiged myself, if that's an issue perhaps there needs to be a revamp done to the skill tree, adding more skills, making it so you can choose skills at will and not have them so linear, and then perhaps with more selection and more ways to achieve them, it can become better.
  3. I like the thinking behind this, and in theory it seems like something that could maybe be pretty cool. But, it kind of also just sounds like it might be a re-branded skill tree. People are rewarded for the time and effort they put into the server. If maybe the skill tree was changed to not be so linear, like if people could choose where they wanted their points to go, then i could see it basically being this exact type of thing. I know this is also supposed to be something that people use credits for, but maybe the skill tree could possibly add the ability to buy skill points with
  4. WARNING - This content contains information regarding depression and suicide. Do not read it if you are uncomfortable with that. Hi everyone, I write this post whilst sitting at my computer, drinking, listening to music and lying to the people talking to me by telling them that I am okay. I'm not. I haven't been okay for months now, and have actually been stuck in the slump that is the lowest point I've ever fallen to in my life. Some of you know me, some of you don't. I'm sorry if this upsets some of you, or if, as I've been going through this, I've been distant or even
  5. Hammer you gotta work other parts of your body my dude @Hammer
  6. I actually came here late one night after watching swrp trolling vids. There were some REALLY cringey people in the vid i watched and so i joined to see if that's what it was really like. I actually liked it once i started.
  7. Cya bro, have fun out there in the big wide world. Don't forget me when you're famous :')
  8. He's still yet to impress me @Cecil
  9. Sure it's fun, but it's so frustratingly slow it's insane.
  10. Was that the legit music video? I cringed so f**king hard when they started dancing
  11. Damn why do they drive like poop then :/
  12. Deadass, they just "scubaru'd" the steering wheel that's all
  13. Yuck BRZ's are just a ripoff of the 86's. There's a reason they race 86's on the track and not BRZ's. They look nice but I don't like copycats.
  14. Sorry lads, you know I just had to do it to 'em, It's time for me to take my leave. It was a good 380 odd days straight within Sith and 400ish within the community since I started gmod back in april last year. Achieving Senior EM, full Mod and Darth Vader. But, there came a point where I looked at the time and effort I was putting into it all and realised that at this point in my life I should be putting that time and effort into things that will actually benefit me and my career and not into worrying about a video game as if it was a job. I loved spending time with everyone and having fu
  15. Good bye my lover, good bye my friend. Cya horny borny, good luck with your studies and getting into the job you wanted mate.
  16. Good bye friend. Good luck in your future endeavors. Was good having those late night talks about your scuffed PACs all those months ago.
  17. I'm sure you'll keep popping up in my steam messages you minge @Boris. Sorry to hear you're leaving, it was fun. We'll play some other games some time. Have fun in whatever you end up doing mate.
  18. @Cecil @Basil First one to buy boots in league wins
  19. nice work mate Honestly, this is what I'd go into battle with:
  20. At this point, it looks much worse than it is. It's as simple as, a trooper was throwing glitter around, imperial personnel were unhappy with it, as well as players OOC. Once it gets to the point of people complaining about it staff HAVE to step in, and that's what has happened.
  21. I think I understand what you're trying to get across. The only thing is, people seem to forget that this is Star Wars Roleplay. Not just RP like the sims or something. It needs to make sense in the star wars universe.
  22. The whole glitter throwing bind wasn't dealt with by staff immediately. And the bind is fine if it's kept within the medical quarters for RP, as a way for people to maybe smile and stop thinking about the pain they're in emotionally and/or physically. But honestly, tell me, would you run an event, and tell one of your event characters to run a bind like that in the middle of serious RP military scenarios? The same thing honestly happened to mud troopers. They used to have similar binds but pertaining to mud. They were told to remove them and it wasn't an issue for them.
  23. Name: Darth Vader Regiment: Sith Phase 1 Participants: Darth Vader Substitute: Emperor Palpatine Phase 2 Participant: Darth Vader Substitute: Emperor Palpatine Phase 3 Participant: Darth Vader Substitute: Emperor Palpatine Phase 5 Participant: Darth Vader Substitute: Emperor Palpatine Phase 6 Participants: Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine Substitutes: N/A Any other info: I hate sand
  24. You know how similar glitter is to sand? I will end you
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