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  1. Only just saw this but god dam that CS video brings a tear to my eye
  2. well it looks like my time has come, first of all i would just like to thank the IG community as a whole, ever since i first join the server ive been shown nothing but kindness and positive people and i cant thank yous enough for really making me feel welcomed. after joining the the staff team they immediately made me feel welcomed and like i was apart of the team. if your wondering why i am leaving staff team/ a lot less inactive in game its because ever since getting out of school last year i haven't really done much with my life and ive come to the point where i need to start stepping up ca
  3. -1 i agree with @Emerald even if you came on to the server with good intentions and not to minge it clearly states in the rules that alt accounts are strictly prohibited. if you didnt read the rules then here they are: No using Alt Accounts, If court using an Alt Account you will recieve a Permaban on the Alt Account. If Caught using an Alt to avoid a Ban, both accounts will recieve a Permaban.
  4. not that ive seen it or anything
  5. i see that high school dxd
  6. hey! whats wrong with being weeaboo, its art thank you very much!
  7. copyright :0 and didn't even mention @addamcor
  8. best of luck to you in the future dude, look forward to having ya back!
  9. -1 in future think about what you write before you post it
  10. as iris said apparently i didn't know the full extent of what happen so ill be changing to a neutral
  11. Welcome to IG ! hope you enjoy your stay
  12. Gunjies

    Zovio Ban Appeal

    -1 based on the reply i have seen from you it still seems you are immature, in the future think about what you post and think if its really needed. best of luck
  13. Best of luck to you! look forward to seeing you back in the future.
  14. hey garry, welcome to the sever!
  15. +1 for reducing time, I like the fact that you are owning up to what you did and not lieing for this I think you should have another chance, in the future think about the consequences before you act.
  16. Best of luck to you moving forward! i look forward to seeing you on in the future!
  17. @Whitey @Moose was denied yesterday and told to reapply in a month.
  18. -1 take the 2 days to reflect on your actions and once you come back i would suggest not mingeing anymore or you could receive a longer ban.
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