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  1. well it looks like my time has come, first of all i would just like to thank the IG community as a whole, ever since i first join the server ive been shown nothing but kindness and positive people and i cant thank yous enough for really making me feel welcomed. after joining the the staff team they immediately made me feel welcomed and like i was apart of the team. if your wondering why i am leaving staff team/ a lot less inactive in game its because ever since getting out of school last year i haven't really done much with my life and ive come to the point where i need to start stepping up can putting my life together. in saying that i cant thank ig enough its been a pleasure playing and working with the people with in IG and i love you all <3 ps. i am not completely leaving the server ill be around ever now and then but i will also be stepping down from Major gen. @Wolf Thank you for everything you have done for me and accepting me into IG, best of luck to you in your future endeavours. @Whitey same as wolf you have really helped me in my time and IG its been a pleasure being apart of the staff team and i wish the best for you @Chopz cant thank you enough, you were my first co on IG and the person that help and grow and understand thank you very much! @Cody the same as chopz you really helped me grow to the person i became and thank you for that, i can say we had alot of good times @Hammer even tho i have known you for the least amount of time i can say that by the end you were one of the people that i got to know the most you help me through some time and we also had some good moments ps. makeing my pacs @Rickle you are probs one of the longest people ive known and its been a pleasure that times we have had together thank you very much @Basil one of the people i got pretty close to we had many good times from the beginning when you first joined cs best of luck to you ps. you are a reg hopper pss. you have big gey @Martibo your a minge but you are a hell of a good developer keep up the good work and best of luck to you. and for everyone one else i didn't say im sorry my friends i love you all, if you wanna message me my steam is https://steamcommunity.com/id/Gunjies/ , ill be on the server every now and then (most likely a st) feel free to come up and have a chat! i wish you all the best in the future and IG has been by far the best server ive been on keep it up bois!
  2. -1 i agree with what emerald has said
  3. Gunjies

    Cooper's Ban Appeal

    -1 i agree with @Emerald even if you came on to the server with good intentions and not to minge it clearly states in the rules that alt accounts are strictly prohibited. if you didnt read the rules then here they are: No using Alt Accounts, If court using an Alt Account you will recieve a Permaban on the Alt Account. If Caught using an Alt to avoid a Ban, both accounts will recieve a Permaban.
  4. not that ive seen it or anything
  5. i see that high school dxd
  6. hey! whats wrong with being weeaboo, its art thank you very much!
  7. copyright :0 and didn't even mention @addamcor
  8. best of luck to you in the future dude, look forward to having ya back!
  9. -1 in future think about what you write before you post it
  10. as iris said apparently i didn't know the full extent of what happen so ill be changing to a neutral
  11. Welcome to IG ! hope you enjoy your stay
  12. Gunjies

    Zovio Ban Appeal

    -1 based on the reply i have seen from you it still seems you are immature, in the future think about what you post and think if its really needed. best of luck
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