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  1. Hi, cause I have never made an introduction before and because of the recent influx of people joining I have decided to make an introduction. My name is Havoc or in Game 73-01 "Havoc" and I am a trial event master. Say hi to me if u see me around the ship I won't bite (unless your name is either Morgan,Lincoln,anix or Vort). ?
  2. Changing to +1, you have shown a considerable amount of effort
  3. Neutral You're a good guy Pav but I am a bit skeptical about your activity. I rarely see you online, I may reconsider if you show your time in game after the reset.
  4. +1 Volt is a great person and has demonstrated a good knowledge of PAC.
  5. Neutral I like you but I believe you need to be a bit more mature.
  6. Thank you for all the feedback guys much appreciated.
  7. Neutral - This application is written really well, but I have never seen you interact with anyone outside of sith.
  8. Steam Name: Anthony Age: 15 Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:190197562 In Game Name and Rank: Colonel 73-01 "Havoc" Time Played (Server Time): I had 2 weeks before the LUA error now I have 6 days. Have you had any warns and/or bans (If so state them): No, I have not had any warnings, bans, kicks or slays on this server. Have you been event master on any other servers (If so state them): No, I have not been an event master on another server. Why are you applying to be an event master: I am applying to be an event master as I wish to give back
  9. +1 These events are solid, I like them a lot. You have put a considerable amount of effort into your app, the only thing I recommend is that you get know the community better you can become more active by becoming active on the forums or becoming more social on the server with other users.
  10. Havoc


  11. Ok thats fine +1 just needed to clarify
  12. Hi Xane, after looking at your application I have noticed you have put a fair amount of effort into it. But whilst scrolling down through your PAC examples that you have claimed to make I came across the above images. I noticed that there is a striking resemblance with the camouflage PAC you have claimed to make and this camouflage PAC a member from another community has made: Care to explain ty
  13. +1 Mature Friendly Well-Known PAC's are Ok, but can improve with more experience
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