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  1. 5 hours ago, Bailey said:

    -Leaves with other EM-
    -Develops new server with other EM-
    -Leaves new server upon its resounding failure-
    -Comes back-
    -Attempts to join weak regiment in order to get easy Command role-

    Solid game plan Chief.

    7/10 - Could have used more jump scares.


    Not really the place to go off on someone. Getting out of hand. 

  2. You have a great Application and you're a good guy but you have just recently came back from another community like 3 weeks ago. I know you're extremely active but I feel you need to prove yourself to the community, my advice just wait a little longer, Neutral


    Edit: Changing to +1 after some consideration.goodluck.  

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  3. Even though this map is awesome it’s a tad too large. I think as time goes by it should be sorted. But this type of stuff will always happen on new rotation maps, it happened on Naboo and was fixed by the implementation of guarding posts.

  4. Most fun days on the server by far. I still remember the squad. I remember Shore licenses got outlawed and that we all got into trouble cause Wiles asked the Grand Moff if we could call our squad sandy boys, or on how Sicarius got us to torture his troopers by putting buckets of sand in their armor. Stay in their strong dude, and when your feeling down remember you will always have this video to watch to get you right back up. 


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