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  1. This is just an idea I did not intend to get people worked up, it’s not my choice if this gets implemented or not it’s managements choice, they will decide what is best for the server.
  2. Ye going off on what aprodhite said I am suggesting the replacement of a regiment not an addition of one.
  3. Ok just going to reply to all the comments regarding your personal preference for RST. I Understand and respect how some of you don’t want RST to go because it holds sedimental value but replacing it with a regiment with higher attraction will better off the emperors guard. Too often I see RST start to do well then die off. On my time on the server I have seen the regiment die at least 3 different times. This is because it requires a commander who is willing to give a lot of time for the reg. In my opinion I believe that inquisitor troopers will have a much higher attraction than RST. But that
  4. Suggestion: Addition of new Regiment called Inquisitor Troopers. Weapons: DC-15A, SE-14C Model: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1523199734&searchtext=Inquisitor+Troopers Reason/Purpose: Over the past 6 months of myself being on the server I have seen RST struggle many times (I myself struggling with the regiment as well) over and over again. I feel if a new sith trooper regiment were to replace them they would do a lot better. If they were to be introduced they could carry out all duties RST normally carries out, but they also
  5. Havoc


    godbless your soul o7
  6. Sup nice seeing you around again.
  7. o7 hmu anytime for some maths revison Xd. Cya around.
  8. Havoc

    PAC3 Camera

    Pine jack I doubt we are all PAC masters like you so we don’t know how to fix this. If the speed thing happens staff members can assume that the person is abusing pac, this can lead to people being accused falsely of abusing pac. This can also give people excuses that they were glitching out so idk.
  9. Havoc

    PAC3 Camera

    This can go wrong quickly. Sometimes PAC glitches out and the camera”s speed is like x10.
  10. What if we are in the matrix 0-0
  11. Can we finally afford the massive castle fort thing now
  12. o7 You were and still are the best DT commander
  13. I use a steel series one, Idk what version it is I just know its rgb and looks very pretty.
  14. This is a problem that occurs with bone merging and setting bone sizes to 0. I don't think that there is a definite solution to this problem.
  15. this has to be one of the worst shit posts ive seen
  16. I have decided that I am going to take a break from the server and officially resigning from the EM team. It was great knowing you all.
  17. I like this idea but it will be extremely hard to find people with pls as they rarely volunteer for an event. I feel implementing this idea will just further deplete the lack of pilot involved events.
  18. Hi, cause I have never made an introduction before and because of the recent influx of people joining I have decided to make an introduction. My name is Havoc or in Game 73-01 "Havoc" and I am a trial event master. Say hi to me if u see me around the ship I won't bite (unless your name is either Morgan,Lincoln,anix or Vort). ?
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