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  1. So the time has come for me to leave. I have made alot of great friends who have made this server so much fun and really feel like a second home. However certain events have lead to this server not being something I want to be apart of. Farewell and to those who are close with me just contact me on steam if you ever wanna chat or play something
  2. You didnt even mention me I am so very hurt
  3. Sal

    Sal needs help

    SO after 3 days it seems the issue has gone away
  4. Sal

    Sal needs help

    @Maffa146 it got me past the loading trouble but still crashed
  5. Sal

    Sal needs help

    So basically whenever I try to load onto the server my gmod crashes and my steam. It only gets to authenticating before dying pls send help
  6. +1 great guy and one of the better pac users on the server
  7. I'll give you a tip EL things are gonna get shit but they do get better. Don't go making any choices to quickly it might be something you regret
  8. Sal

    Bossk's Foods

    Bossk They are friend not Food
  9. No sal in the story dissapointed
  10. No thanks tazers are already annoying just kill them like you normally do
  11. Just to clear it up I ain't leaving the server just the em team
  12. Ok so I know this looks like a bandwagon thing but I have been thinking about leaving the em team for some time now and I just wanted to inform anyone that I have worked with in events that you guys were great and it was a good run. To the new and old ems Keep up the great work. You guys are bloody legends and make this server so much more fun for me
  13. I dont bully just mistreat get it right
  14. +1 great app and had some great rp when you ok'd me
  15. Neutral hasn't been in the community long but the events are great
  16. Neutral still don't think you are very active don't see you around much
  17. Neutral just Misuse of tools - Given to me by Tarkin for fooling around with explosive barrels. this is a instant turn off however your events arnt too bad pretty standard however good story behind it
  18. Its pretty simple sith don't want to be event characters so how do they expect saber wielders to fight they can make the choice to help or not
  19. Let's reach five pages of plus 1s my children
  20. Fox will never leave the Imperial Commandos in spirit. However changes will come with IC and we will grow stronger
  21. I am stating it from a point of view when you don't see your cmdr it can be demotivating to stay in the regiment. I know they have done work towards building the stormtrooper corps.I would prefer to talk on ts with either you or hornet if you want some help from ems because wording through text can be very dangerous pm me if your interested
  22. When I offer to help or speak I make it my agenda to see something happen. I want to help you guys because you are the heart of the server the first thing people see or do is become a ST. If you don't want to speak that is your own issue I offered my help and you want to come back with hostility for it instead of talk that is your choice.
  23. no this was almost a month ago when it happened but honestly pm me on ts if you wanna talk about what I can do to help you guys
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