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  1. So the time has come for me to leave. I have made alot of great friends who have made this server so much fun and really feel like a second home. However certain events have lead to this server not being something I want to be apart of. Farewell and to those who are close with me just contact me on steam if you ever wanna chat or play something
  2. You didnt even mention me I am so very hurt
  3. Sal

    Sal needs help

    SO after 3 days it seems the issue has gone away
  4. Ok so try and contact me on ts and I will be organising characters
  5. Sal

    Sal needs help

    @Maffa146 it got me past the loading trouble but still crashed
  6. Sal

    Sal needs help

    So basically whenever I try to load onto the server my gmod crashes and my steam. It only gets to authenticating before dying pls send help
  7. So basically I want to try doing my first DnD and want to see if anyone would enjoy trying this with me if you are interested I will take 5 people max 3 min. The story will be based on a group of hunters who hunt the not so common. Contact me on ts if you would like to join the deadline will be Tuesday 30th. Remember this is my first time so I am learning as well hope to see some participants
  8. +1 great guy and one of the better pac users on the server
  9. So I was thinking it might be fun to play this old classic with a bunch of people if you have the game or is willing to get it type something below if i get enough people ill get a night sorted http://store.steampowered.com/app/10680/Aliens_vs_Predator Sal out
  10. I'll give you a tip EL things are gonna get shit but they do get better. Don't go making any choices to quickly it might be something you regret
  11. Sal

    Bossk's Foods

    Bossk They are friend not Food
  12. No sal in the story dissapointed
  13. Sal

    Tazers for RST.

    No thanks tazers are already annoying just kill them like you normally do
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